Saturday, March 17, 2018

What kind of Federal Opposition is there???

The Federal Political Government

The 14th general elections are just around the corner.  All Malaysians know the structure of the political Federal Government - it is the registered Barisan National (BN) made up of many component parties from East and West Malaysia.  It was legalized on 1st June 1974, that is 43 years long. They know each other and know how to work with each other.

We all also know that UMNO is the main party in BN and they all function by consultation and agreement. BN component parties have a single National agenda and it has been a continuity for decades. Hence, it is easy to understand what BN is, what they have done and where they are going.

The Federal Opposition

The "Federal Opposition" on the other hand, is a a confusing concoction of a coalition of convenience  purely for election purposes without a united agenda or a united direction.  Even the membership of the coaliton is suspect, fluid and inconsistent.

Firstly, they are not even registered legally.  They just come into existence for elections and after elections, for recognition purposes as the Federal Opposition.  Last time it was Pakatan Rakyat and now, they are called "Pakatan Harapan".

Putting aside the fact that they are not registered (which must mean that they have no intention of forging a long term relationship), Pakatan Rakyat when it was led by Anwar Ibrahim did appear to have some kind of excitement and hope for the people.  Anwar Ibrahim was the first politician who publicly and on the political stage repeatedly drove home the point of ketuanan Rakyat or people's sovereignty despite the cruel personal attacks on him by none other than Tun Dr Mahathir - ironically the current Opposition leader for the elections !

Anwar's rallying cry of Ketuanan Rakyat went down quite well with many sections of the Malaysian polity especially the young voters. However, under the leadership of current Tun Dr Mahathir (TDM), this has been completely set aside.

It will be obviously impossible for TDM to support the cry for Ketuanan Rakyat because the Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia is ethnic based. At least, Anwar had the foresight, vision and took the political risk of forming a multi racial party called PKR.

As much as I do have respect for some of TDM's contribution to the Nation when he was PM for 22 years, I cannot allow myself to be blinded to one fact - even now he does not believe that Malaysians can go beyond ethnicity !

This is a major difference between Anwar Ibrahim and TDM. Anwar Ibrahim can speak of reform but TDM cannot.

As a case in point - has TDM ever spoken of a single significant reform measure since he took over helm of PPBM? He has not and he cannot because he ONLY political agenda is to remove Najib from office. It is not about the Rakyat. Sorry TDM - you have set the standard for being outspoken and blunt. 

And what is PPBM if not a group of disgruntled ex UMNO members? You mean you actually believe that they have suddenly reformed ???

So, What is the direction of Pakatan Harapan?

I want to say this and I offer no apologies if some of my friends in UMNO do not like what I am going to say.  Under Pakatan Rakyat, I actually thought that DAP was going in the right direction towards being a credible political party in the long run. They were raising issues which the Rakyat wants to hear. I had said before that poor YB Lim Kit Siang had been demonized by TDM before as being a racist and so on. Whether you like him or not, he had dedicated his life to politics and trying his best just like the late YB Karpal Singh.

I will not say anything about PAS because I have always had the stand that as a Muslim I cannot support PAS though I respect and love many of the PAS members who are my good friends.

However, my views changed when even DAP succumbed to TDM's SOLE agenda of removing Najib as the PM.  It is indeed sad that DAP had chosen to work with TDM whose policies they had opposed for decades and thinking that a leopard will change its spots.

This is also an insult and insensitive to the supporters who had supported the party for its ideals and objectives for decades.

It is, with respect, totally shocking, and even disgusting that after almost 18 years of Anwar Ibrahim suffering in the political wilderness, he is now just brushed aside ! I cannot support any such political behavior which simply puts aside another political leadership's sufferings and his family's sufferings. I am not saying that I support or do not support Anwar Ibrahim but we have to be objective and at least compassionate in our analysis.

SO....everthing that the Opposition had been preaching gets set aside because of ONE man -Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who wants to show that things in Malaysia should always go "my way"... and he does not want Najib.

Seriously, Pakatan Harapan actually wants the people of Malaysia to vote for a 94 year old man as Prime Minister for a year in office and then pass it over to Anwar Ibrahim ??? What kind of democracy is this?

I actually wish I did not have to write this but I had to get it off my chest. After all, I do not think only politicians have the only right to speak Ordinary Rakyat like me do have that right too.

I have said my piece - Malaysians you decide if the PM seat is like playing musical chairs !

Peace !

Friday, March 9, 2018

The need for compassion in housing policy !

One of the basic needs of a human being is to have an abode or a house to stay.

The middle income group spend a whole lifetime to pay off a housing loan, not forgetting other financial commitments that he may have to live.  They literally work for the bank.  Some of them may default in the instalment payments and risk their house being auctioned off if they are laid off or become unable to service the loan.

The lower middle income are given so called “low cost housing” which they also end up a lifetime to pay them off. The low income housing sector is fraught with all sort of oppressive conduct by the relevant developers. I personally know of a case where the flat has yet to be delivered to the purchasers after 15 years !

It is unfortunate, short sighted and cruel that the design of so called low cost housing has not factored the inherent spatial need of human beings. The flats are usually extremely small and built in such a way that it is going to cause social and psychological problems for the inhabitants. Is this not going to increase the social cost for society in the long run?

Even our middle income residential housing areas are not thought out proper;y. A residential area should be conducive for residence. This means it must be safe in terms of being able to walk about the residential area. Safe for children.

Today’s residential areas have become mini cities. No proper planning in terms of density and transportation congestion.

When policy makers lack compassion and a holistic approach to planning, they create sufferings for society in the long run.

Peace !

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Election Year

This is an election year for Malaysia.

It could be anytime between now to April.

Whichever party wins, the most important for the Rakyat to consider is: Will the Rakyat win? This is the most important consideration.

Hence, it is very important for the Rakyat to be able to seive through all the rethoric and political propaganda that every party will present to the voters.

It is important to evaluate:

!) What have the respective parties done so far?

2) What are thier current policies and how effective has it been?

3) What national agenda are they proposing if they win the election? IS the proposed agenda realistic or a sweetened promise that can never be implemented?

4) What are the contents of thier political speeches?  IS it confined only to disparaging each other, condemning each other or are they addressing real issues facing the Rakyat.

Lets rememebr never to be taken up by the circus of political campaigning!

Peace !

Saturday, September 30, 2017

How can you allow people to intrude into your private lives?

YOu really have to ask this question if you are an adult,
 especially if you are educated
 and you think your dignity is important.

Ask yourselves - have you empowered other human beings to intrude into your private affairs
when you hurt no one or society?

Believe me - this is so important to ask before your whole being and mind becomes
the slave of a select few in society.

God gave YOU life for you to shape it in the best way you know how
For you to live
Not for you to be a slave in a body !

Think if you care.