Monday, August 26, 2019

The compassionate face of Islam

MUSLIMS should welcome the announcement by Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of religious affairs, that it will be the government’s policy to promote compassionate Islam.

Actually, I believe there is only an “Islam” whose teachings are primarily compassionate, a blessing and merciful. Anyone who reads the Quran will know that it describes itself as a “healing and a mercy to those who believe” (Al Isra (17) verse 82).

In fact, the Holy Prophet Muhammad himself is described in the Quran as rahmatan lil Alamiin for the whole world and the creations (Al Anbiya (21): verse 107).

Essentially, rahmah means love or affection and is often understood to mean the love of God for mankind and His creations where He has provided everything they need to develop and live on this earth. In other words, the Quran guides mankind to understand and appreciate this rahmah through its guidance.

Dr Mujahid also pointed out the use of state resources to confront “public sins” and “private sins” to show, I believe, that any use of religious enforcement powers must be tampered with common sense and compassion.

I believe real scholars of Islam know that there is an abundance of literature that discourages the deliberate attempt to expose private sins.

For reasons which I cannot understand, Dr Mujahid has been exposed to irrelevant criticisms by some Muslim religious experts implicit within which is the assumption that he is ignorant of the discourse in these matters.


Debunking the modern feudal mindset

In a democracy, every citizen has equal opportunities to prosper, progress and determine the way he wants to live his life in accordance with the law. 
THERE was a period in human history where feudalism was the economic and political system in society.
Western Europe had a feudalistic system from the 8th century onwards, and during various periods in history, so did India, China, Japan, much of Asia, including Malaysia and even England.
The strong became Kings or nobles and the rest of the people were either peasants or serfs. The feudal mindset is steeped in a master-servant or lord-slave relationship. Analysing it closely, you will see that it is actually founded on economic and political strength. The wealthy and the powerful lords over the poor and weak. The master is not to be questioned or accounted for in anything, and he is held in continuous awe by the ordinary people.


Friday, May 3, 2019

Who does Malaysia belong to?

TO whom does Malaysia belong to may sound like a hilarious question, but do not overestimate the capacity to which the human mind is used.
Experience and observation will tell you that many of us (sometimes me included), often make a choice of not thinking about things based on facts. Instead, we form conclusions based on conjectures and other people’s uninformed opinions.
So who does Malaysia belong to?
There are many ways of approaching this question. As I often tell the audience in my talks about “thinking”, we have to understand the question first before we can even attempt to seek an answer.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Former Prime Minister Najib Razak Charged - Go for Justice, Not Blood.

On 4th July, for the first time in Malaysia, an ex Prime Minister was charged.

Najib, 64, was charged with misusing his position as a government official to receive a RM42mil bribe as inducement to provide a sovereign guarantee on behalf of the Malaysian Government for a loan of RM4bil from the pension fund Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (KWAP) to SRC International Sdn Bhd.
He also faces three other charges of criminal breach of trust (CBT) in his capacity as Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Advisor Emeritus of SRC International, in which he was entrusted with the RM4bil.

Read more at Star online 

Whenever a politician is charged or involved in a case, it is bound to attract attention and become sensational. We must not, however, forget that rule of law is paramount for a Nation in the long run. 

I have written many times before that we must always allow the court process to take its due course regardless of who is being charged.  In our legal system, the accused is innocent until proven guilty.  Hence, the media and the rest should respect this principle of law. 

As a lawyer I have seen many times, those who flaunt this principle end up having themselves or someone they know become a victim in the future. So the Rakyat should safeguard this principle.

Since Najib is innocent until proven guilty, he ought to be given the respect that is due to him as an ex Prime Minister.  

I have confidence in our judicial system. Now is no longer and should not be politics but the administration of justice.  


Sunday, June 24, 2018

UMNO Kena Cepat Sedar- Ia adalah PEMBANGKANG!

1. Lagi cepat UMNO sedar bahawa ia bukan lagi parti Kerajaan tetapi parti pembangkang, lagi cepat ia kan menjadi berguna kepada Rakyat amnya dan ahli2 sendiri khususnya.

2. Mungkin ia masih dalam proses peralihan minda kerana setakat ini ia masih menampakkan minda lama di mana ucapannya, pendekatannya, stratejinya dan juga kualiti hujahnya masih sama. UMNO harus sedar bahawa reaksi saikiloji pada ucapan parti Kerajaan dan pembangkang amat berbeza. Kena faham apa kah perbezaannya.

3. TIdak ada guna bagi UMNO masih bersikap defensif seperti hari ini kerana itu akan menampakkan bahawa ia tidak sedar bahawa ia merupakan satu “single” parti yang terbesar dalam Parliamen.

4. Hakikat perlu di terima bahawa berdekad-dekad imej UMNO telah semakin menurun sehingga akhirnya ia kehilangkan banyak kerusi. Analisa harus di buat mengapa ini berlaku kerana ia kemungkinan besar melibatkan budaya, cara kerja dan sikap UMNO itu sendiri yang mungkin telah menjadi sebati dengan parti itu.

5.  Adalah UMNO tidak faham era Malaysia baru mahupun pemikiran pelbagai Melayu yang pelbagai. Kalau UMNO masih berfikir bahawa Melayu masih “homogenous” dari pelbagai segi, ini bermakna UMNO dalam “denial mode” dan mungkin buta pada peredaran masa.

6. UMNO juga harus tanya mengapa Melayu Bandar menolaknya?

7. Sebaik-baiknya UMNO harus menerima hakikat menjadi pembangkang dan bersiap sedia untuk hadapi cabaran2 yang akan di hadapi oleh pembangkang di Malaysia.