Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rapera Yam Char – good to be forever reminded!

It had been an extremely busy two weeks for me but I am so glad we all made time to have dinner and teh tarik last night.  I am referring to the seven of us who met up last night because of our common interest in the Rapera concept. Two of them actually drove up from Pahang, one from Perak, one from Kelantan and the rest of us from Kuala Lumpur.  It was also nicely mixed in terms of age ranging from 20s to 50s so we were able to get different age perspectives on the same issues that we discussed.

For me it was heartening to note that the message of “People Power” is slowly shaping into “People responsibility”. We all agreed that we deserve the leaders that we get either because we voted them in irresponsibly or we were indifferent enough not to vote. In any case, even if most of the population may be indifferent to what is happening in the country, the Raperas must be vigilant and be forever contributive to the extent possible.

We reminded each other that any change can only occur if you are willing to honestly and courageously revisit and rethink current modes of thinking, norms, culture, etc. It seems that technology has advanced drastically into the 21st century but human beings are still stuck in the dark age’s attitude –tribal, parochial, superstitious, feudal, etc. 

There still seems to be a major reluctance to evolve into human beings.

Various systems, structure and superstructures are set up by the powerful (political and religious) to ensure that the majority of the citizenry remain primitive in thinking though living in up- to-date physical surroundings. Many of these systems and structures have existed for years to sustain the powerful and the elites and the ordinary citizen has become so used to it.

Being oppressed and being undignified as a human being appears to have become as common as breathing. They have become blind or numbed to the extent that they ignorantly say thanks to the oppressors. Like the cattle that is well-fed and kept at the master’s feet completely unmindful of the slaughter house that awaits it. Even when the cow is led to the slaughter house, the other cows just look the other way thinking that they will be the exception to the fate.

It is Raperas that must continue to educate themselves and others who are willing to listen that we all have the right and responsibility to live as human beings on this earth.

Thanks guys and girl for the “Rapera catching up” last night. We should do that more often.

Peace !

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