Friday, July 16, 2010

BookReview12: Islamization and Activism in Malaysia - Julian CH Lee

This book is written by a young, brilliant academic - Dr Julian C.H. Lee.

This thoughtful and timely book deals in depth with some of the most important debates surrounding inter- ethnic life in contemporary Malaysia. He examines for example, the Islamic State debate in the light of the democratic and multi-religious setting of Malaysia.

Julian guides us though the minefields of politics, religion and ethnicity with adeptness and clarity. He courageously and interestingly tackles the legal issues of conflict of jurisdiction between the civil and syariah courts by discussing related cases that have been considered before the Malaysian Courts.

His findings and descriptions are clearly and accessibly presented and his dispassionate explorations of both complicated legal matters and sensitive religious issues are handled with rigour and thoughtfulness.

The book is readily available in all major bookshops and is now going for 2nd reprint.

Publisher: Institute of South East Asian Studies Publications, Singapore.
Year of first Publication : 2010
Price      :  RM38.00

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