Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Review: Who amongst us is a Rapera?

The Malay Mail did a review of the book "Rapera -urgently wanted".

"For him, there is a strong need for citizens to have their own thoughts and ideas regarding national is­sues where at times, these issues are strictly determined by the rules of various political groups in power today.

He hopes that through the intro­duction of the Rapera concept, citi­zens will no longer sit back and watch the country's changes pass them by. Instead they should evolve and be better citizens who can help encour­age a better nation in general.

Reading his book, one would probably be stirred emotionally and mentally as Jay questions many hard-hitting issues happening within Malaysian politics and lifestyle.

Some may say that his book may seem a little controversial for their taste buds as he writes honestly and transparently regarding subject mat­ters that he feels could be better ex­ecuted or evaluated by authorities".

You may read the whole review and interview here - TheMalayMailonline

Peace !

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