Saturday, January 21, 2012

Is the Registrar of Societies Anti - Rakyat ???

Every Rakyat has the duty to serve the country in the best way they know how.

There are many ways by which the Rakyat can contribute to the Nation instead of being indifferent bystanders. They can get together to achieve certain social or national objectives through non-political forums and associations by forming an NGO. However, the registration of the NGO has to be approved by a very powerful person called the Registrar of Societies.

This one person, the Registrar can determine whether the Rakyat is allowed to participate actively in the development of his own country or not. The impression is that it is almost difficult to get certain NGOs to be registered.

Likewise, it is the right of every Rakyat to be active in the political activity of the Nation. They have the right to form political parties. Once again, whether or not the Rakyat can form political parties and shape the politics of the Nation will depend on the discretion of this one powerful person called the Registrar of Societies.

The question is: is the Registrar exercising his powers pro-Rakyat or anti-Rakyat?

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