Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Citizens - Protect your Right To Express on the Internet !!!!

The ordinary citizen's voices never mattered for many, many decades in this country. Globally, the ordinary people's voices never mattered for centuries. The world was controlled and shaped by the elitists - whether political, corporate or religious.

Now that has changed. The INTERNET has given a platform to the ordinary citizen to voice his opinions, his views, his findings and his criticisms. He or she can express herself freely and present her ideas for others to share and benefit.

The Internet has also become a source of alternative news and alternative information. We are able to get the other picture and other perspectives. If once, the elitist and the politicians had the power to shape opinions and present "truths", now the "real" truth may be found on the internet. This is a big blow to the politicians and the religious elites because their power to influence has been reduced. Trust me, the politicians and the religious gurus do not take this lightly. 

They do not like this. They will find ways to restrict the common folks access to and use of the internet.

You have to guard this freedom for those in power will want to enslave you, your mind and your soul.

Peace !

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