Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style Rocks the World !!! So did Kolaveri !!! How???

Is it not amazing how talents and creativity can infect the world when politicians and religionists  do not inhibit them?

This is from Korea - everybody is dancing to it and making up their own versions too!!. In less than two months it has become the most talked about new swag. It has more than 120 million hits of Youtube and increasing by millions in few hours. As of this writing, it gets more than a million view per hour making it currently the number 1 Youtube music video based on the amount of song traffic. This is more than the biggest artists in the world namely Justin BieberKaty Perry and One Direction; It has been parodied by different people all over the world; It has garnered hundred thousands of likes in facebook, almost a million tweets and majority of people agree that it has not yet reached its peak of success yet. People even predict it will be the first video to reach a billion hits on Youtube. (

Here is the original song - Oppa Gangnam Style.

And this one is from India - Why this Kolaveri DI. Youtube honoured this track with a gold award for getting the most number of hits within a few weeks, reportedly almost 5 million in just few weeks! It has been sung in many languages all over the world ever since.

And here is the original song:

Here is the "Chinese version". Youtube and you will it in Arabic, English, Spanish and so on!

Talents ! = when those with "power" stay away..:)


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