Monday, June 30, 2014

Iqra in the Month of Ramadan

1. One of the significance of the Ramadan month is that Muslims believe that the Quran was first revealed during this month.

2, The first verse revealed was said to be the following:

"Read [O Muhammad!] in the name of your Lord who created. (96.1) He created man from a clot. (96.2) Read, and your Lord is the Most Honorable (96.3) who taught with the pen, (96.4) taught man what he did not know. (96.5)"

3. Hence, the month of Ramadan is also a month of learning and relearning. In line with the first verse of the Quran, Muslims can use this month to revisit the contents of the Quran, to reach out to its messages. To read in the name of the Lord who teaches humans what they know not.

3. There are many pearls of wisdom in the Quran and guidance for mankind in many areas of our life, particularly how to be a human being useful to His creations and to ourselves.

4. Reading sincerely leads to self reflection.

5. Self reflection, hopefully leads us nearer to Allah in our actions and we become useful human beings on earth so that those who do have the benefit of the Quran can see its mercy through our actions of kindness and industry.

6. Reading the Quran will make us aware that there are many approaches of peace that Allah has taught us when we are faced with potentially hostile situations.

7. Reading the Quran also teaches us to preempt potentially aggressive or hostile situations in our dealings with other fellow human beings.

8. Islam after all means peace and it is this peace that we wish to share.

9. Hopefully, this Ramadan is the month where the Muslims will spread the message of peace to all in the world.

Peace !

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