Friday, May 22, 2009


The other day and the other day and the other since I was a teenager who could think, some of the politicians’ speeches and statements that I read hurt me a lot. Not because it affected me directly, but because it seemed to hurt human dignity and showed the worse part of human nature.

I was also puzzled and disturbed how adults I looked up to for the best of values could express the lowest of attitudes and behaviors and thoughts. Being young, I was of course alien to the idea of vested-interest, lack of enlightenment, prejudices, etc. So being naïve, I thought to myself: “If being adult means one has to be evil. Then I never want to grow up. I must try to remain a kid however much I may age”.

It is not easy “trying to remain a kid” because everyone around you will want you to play act. For me, when I went into teaching, I am supposed to “act as a teacher”, whatever that means. It was not enough that I tried very hard to teach my students to be interested in Economics, I have to teach economics the way the adults around me wanted! But I was “lucky”, I got away with my way because I had a creative and equally “kiddish” director of studies who was in his fifties. Without him, being a teacher meant I cannot play snooker with my students who were supposed to be in my class.

I learnt snooker (and then beat them! Yes!) because I wanted them to attend my class. It is ironical that they started coming to my class after I told them “ haiya! Snooker also bad. Lose to me. Please, please don’t be my students because you’ll be bad in economics too!” One of them actually scored an A! They are good kids but not everyone can avoid peer pressure. So, you just have to show them that studying economics does not mean you cannot be “cool in snooker”.

So, the pressure to play act is great. When I became lawyer, people also tried very hard to make me behave “lawyerly”…what? Serious and clever looking? If you are stupid, you are stupid. If you are clever, you are clever. Only fools get duped by play acting. Haven’t you seen the grim, serious looking faces of some of those in some “power” with their artistic way of laughing and talking? That is play acting! They are living life for others – not living their own lives. I find this extremely funny.

Recently a VIP client of mine commented on my t-shirt which had two colours –one faded and a colour from another t-shirt that got stuck on it. I was also wearing this cheap slacks. It was “reminding me of basics day” (RMBD) for me. It just happened that the VIP wanted to see me on my rmbd. I was not going to change my clothing just for him.

Let him think whatever he wants, which to me will be a reflection of him, not me.

I am rambling here? Maybe. But I keep reminding myself to remain the kid. Just be me. Otherwise, the norms and the social “standards” will take over and you will not recognize yourself. You know, the girl must be slim, tall and leggy. The boy must be muscular, handsome (by whose definition?) and loaded. Facebook is in, so is twitter, that song is out, this is the latest. Geez…when can we just be ourself?
What a boring process? I had this view when I was a teen and haven’t changed a bit when I am an adult. I find it so funny and amusing when someone tells me about the latest fashion, for example. Yes, it will soon be the “late fashion”. But these things are harmless. Boring maybe but harmless.

What is HARMFUL is when adults play act dangerous roles and want to have toys that make them evil. Toys like plenty of property, expensive cars, expensive holidays, branded goods (smart business!), a big crowd behind them following everywhere they go – materialism and hedonism. Now this kind of play acting becomes less funny. I actually think it is a mental disorder but because society okeys it, it is accepted.

The fruits of such mental disorder becomes anointed by society as “successful persons”. There is so much I can write on this but time does not allow. It is the play acting of nobility and respectfulness by adults who are in substance the scumbags of the earth that irks me. It irks me even more when the ordinary fellow bestows respect or recognizes these scumbags as successful because they happen to have more toys than he does – unless he too is play acting!

Trust me young people who read this, MOST OF THOSE ADULTS OUT THERE ARE PLAY ACTING. Do not be fooled. Some of their playing acting is because they want to do evil for selfish gains.

And for the weekend, I dedicate this song to you:



Anonymous said...

Hehe...abg Jay, thank you so much for writing this.

Hey ...I just remember something,I think it's from one of norhayati berahim novel.Tak ingat sangatlah the exact quotations but it sound something like this " diri manusia terbahagi kepada dua, satu untuk diri sendiri dan satu lagi untuk dunia"

Perhaps some acting needed in order to survive...

But nothing can beat the fun of being comfortable in own skin.

Back then,I had a chance working in two different company.Owned by Chinese another one is Japanese.My ex-company director ,both was very DIRECTORly or better say DICTATORly looked...sour face,serious and peculiar, cold,very distant not forgetting the suspicious eyes too...

Most of the employees resented them, macam nampak hantu.Semua cepat2 cabut lari...hehehe.But for some unknown factor I like them genuinely .
Guess what, both of them like me too : ). They can yell at me and laugh at my idiotic jokes too.

My guess, they just wear that face bcoz people are expecting em to be one. They also tiredlah to act but what choice do they have?

There's a little kid inside every man. I love my childish behaviour,we should not let it go by any reason BUT one should not used it as an excuse to escape from maturity.

Ahah..talking bout acting, I just got a casting invitation from a local production house.I'll be the worst pak pacak ever!!!hehe..ok2...I know, I'm rambling now...

Still..thank you for writing this.Have a great weekend abg Jay.I know I will !

Anonymous said...

Shutttttt!!!!! I love this song so muchhh!!!!!!

sharon heng said...


you such a multiple personality - funny, intelligent, fun, serious, thinker..ok better stop!

really, this article. you took the thoughts out of my mind!

jon pour do care said...

Bro. Jay,

Marah nampak ! He..he..he...!

Be whoever you are ! Those people around and near you are not complaining ! Nobody's complaining kan..kan..kan...! ADIOUS !

sharon heng said...


It is not only play acting but also decided decision by some to amass power and wealth at all costs even if they damage society at large. Why do you think the world is in the shape it is today?

I agree, as we grow in life, it is a great challenge to hold on to your ideals.

take care, bro.

caleb said...


It is not only play-acting for some. They actually decide to amass wealth and power at whatever the costs to others and society at large. Why do you think the society is how it is today!

I agree it is challenging to hold onto your ideals as you grow up in life.

thanks for the reminder bro.

take care.