Sunday, May 17, 2009

It is annoying, said my friend

So said my friend. He said it is very annoying when someone comes onto his blog, uninvited and then leaves nasty comments. It is even worse when the commenter hides behind anonymity. This is the situation when someone makes a “brave statement” while hiding his identity. What is he afraid of?

I can understand that sometimes you need to remain anonymous for valid reasons. For example, you feel that the message is more important than the messenger. Or you have information that is vital for the Nation but fear repercussions from the culprits. I think these situations may permit anonymity though there are those who would still prefer to face the music for what they have to say. Such are true-blooded reformers who have their own principles.

But what about those who remain anonymous for the most trivial of reasons? Or worse, because they are cyber-thugs or cyber-pests or cyber morons who have nothing intelligent to say but nevertheless need to feel that they are alive. Their sense of being alive is by demonstrating to others that they lack total intelligence and any ability to think. They rationalize that the notion of freedom of speech gives them the freedom to be abusive, to be vulgar, to be plain stupid or just moronic. Of course, one is free to choose to be a moron if one feels that is the life one is destined for. However, it will be pleasant if morons can stay in the hole they came out from. I know that this is too much of a good wish.

On the other hand, imagine how boring and unchallenging life will be if these self made morons do not come into your life? Sometimes it is their presence that stimulates your thinking. You also wonder – hmm, brave behind anonymity? Why, did he have an abusive or deprived childhood?

And on the other, other hand, I suppose we have to realize that we are made of differing levels of intelligence and comprehensive ability. Some can understand, some cannot and some take a lot of time. Patience and hope for the best will have to be soothing factor when you are faced with such individuals. But one cannot get upset with someone who does not understand. It is those who refuse to take the trouble to understand that may irk you.

On the other, other, other hand, I recall what my late brother told me: “Everyone grows old, very few grow up”. How true. Many grow old without ever maturing in their thoughts.

I told my friend – when you blog you must be prepared for anything and anyone. Majority of those who read your blog are good people, people who understand and want to share. But be prepared there will be the occasional cyber-pest or cyber moron. Let them be. They are just being themselves.

They need to feel alive too.



A Voice said...


I sometime worry when no nasty comments coming. I have a strange feeling I may have said something wrong :)

Off late, I am getting tired with nasty comment. It does not add value to my point of view.

But I do have a bad habit of being nasty at times.

When I do, then I guess I have to be fair as to not censure those nasty responses. Tic for tac la.

Catch with you ...

jon pour do care said...

Dear Bro. Jay,

I have a young 'punk' in the office who only have these thoughts:-

1. Singapore is a better place to live than Malaysia.
2. BN is useless.
3. Malays are racists.

Had on many occasions got involved in a discussion with him and most of the time when I tell him to please look into the history of the matters being discussed but the answer I received is that he is not interested in history. The only thing that matters to him is the 'beliefs' he has now which he based on what is happening NOW !

I guess this is what is happening now whereby a certain portion of Malaysians and I suspect the younger generation, are not interested to check the 'facts' that are being fed by certain 'parties'. I reckoned they are not willing to double check with our history as they may have another 'belief' whereby the history written by Malaysians are lies i.e. 'di putar belitkan' ! But the joke with these people, any Tom,Dick & Harry who is not a Malaysian, who writes something about us or our country, THEY BELIEVE ! (This makes me remember LAT'S Cartoon on some Mat Salleh beiieves that Malaysian still leaves on trees.)

I do sincerely hope that the Gomen seriously look into the issues raised as our young generation are being fed with load of these 'unchecked facts'. I can see a group of Bloggers (and Bro. Jay) are trying their very best to repudiate and clarifying the 'distorted issues' but without the support from the Gomen, we would be seeing some 'MORONS' with their moronic comments LIKE THE ONE WHO MADE A SICK JOKE ABOUT THE IMAM'S SON RECENTLY ON THIS BLOG !