Monday, December 7, 2009

Power Hungry Clerics Can Confuse The People.

History has repeatedly shown us the danger posed by power hungry clerics when they have the opportunity to occupy positions of power in politics This opportunity is often used to confuse the people with regards to truth and falsehood. With this confusion, it becomes easy for them to infuse their influence in the minds and hearts of the people. A Muslim who is guided by the Quran know the warning alerted by God as follows in surah At-Taubah:

“O you who believe! there are indeed many among the priests and anchorites, who in falsehood devour the wealth of people and hinder (them) from the way of God. And there are those who bury gold and silver and spend it not in the way of God: announce unto them a most grievous penalty” (Quran: 9:34)

Such power hungry clerics not only cheat people of their wealth but also hinder them from God’s way.

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Firdaus said...


Read your article, thanks excellent, people are so
priesthood-oriented that they cannot unshakle themselves
from the clerics grips for fear of heavenly retribution(s) typical
feelings of people who serve other than the most excellent
friend of human beings.

May the God Lord Bless you for elucdiating God's
verses using real time events - you are doing a great service
to mankind without asking for any dues unlike countless others
who make money out of God's verses and not even paying any royalty
and worst still introduce add-ons like the way KFC people do as and when
they need to make it spicy(all about earning either more money or more
power,but power without money is of no use, so these clerics must be
making money in some way -need to find out:they may operate from a
dilapidated pondok but they may have money stacked up somewhere -just
a theory).


PahNur said...

Excellent article indeed.
"Islam" simply means "submission" to the One and only Creator. There is no room for self proclaimed auta-ritorians to run the "religion" for mankind.

"Islam" had been hijacked right from the very beginning, dating back since Abraham, (now suddenly it became "judaism"...Abraham would be scratching his head wondering how did the people later on came up with that name), then it was called "Christianity" (again, Isa would die of a heart attack once he found out God is his father) then comes Islam.

If you're sharp enough, you'd notice I did not put inverted comma on the latest mention of Islam. Islam from God, has again been diverted into "Islam". Can someone point out, what is the difference between Judaism, Christianity and Islam? All have self proclaimed powerful people with good financial resources derived from their disciples and have the habit of controlling from their thoughts right down to how one should bunk their wife...or wives...(the latest edition of religion has "added value"..or perk....womensssss).

In Yassin verse 17, The Messenger avows;
[36:17]"Our sole mission is to deliver the message."
hence the name "messenger".
As for money collection to build an empire based on religion, here's something we can all ponder on:
[36:21] "Follow those who do not ask you for any wage, and are guided.

As for Afganistan, I have to add that war will be waged there, regardless, because this is part of the Anglo-American Zionist agenda. If anything, it is them who breed "fundamentalists" to destabilize countries to fit their ultimate plan of Israel and what Israel would impose once it is strengthened.

But Muslims make it easier for them by turning our backs away from the Quran and instead busy indulging in trivial matters derived from "hear says". If we hold on tight to the teachings of the Quran, muslims and the people who held the covenant with god, will stand united against Zionism. Gee....wonder who's loosing out now?