Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Are you, your children and family irrelevant fools?

I had a chat with power and wealth:

“Let me tell you this. And listen carefully. Forget your idealism if you want to be counted. Forget your ideals and your quest for a just society. All this is mere talk and waste of time. You are being irresponsible to yourself and your family. They need you. They are the ones that care for you. Not the masses called “the People”.

Do you really think people care that you are fighting for their well beings and rights? Who are you? What can you do alone or with your friends? All you people can do is just hold seminars, give talks, maybe demonstrate once in a while and the what? The world does not change at all. You and your friends will still be where you all are - forever struggling in life. Look at me. I just have to be master.

Look at me. I am a capitalist. I am in politics. I have a party behind me. I have power and wealth. I have the whole system behind me. I have the networks. I can do more good than you can ever dream of.

Come on. Give up your childish dreams and join me. Support me. I can make you rich and make you respectable. The people only know only thing – their own selfish need to survive. They too want to feel useful and important. I will teach you the secret to make yourself a lord over them. Do not be a foolish candle and burn your self. They will simply replace you with another candle. They will never be a candle themselves. So, why should you?

Do you know that to be the lord, you must have subjects? They must forever need you and know that only you can make a difference in their miserable lives. You must forever be above them and they, forever beneath you.

Enrich them, but make sure that they are never too rich such that they no longer need you. Help them enough such that it is just enough. They will have to come to you for help. That is important. That’s where you have power. You become indispensable and respectable to them.

Give them fishes but never teach them to fish. If you teach them to fish, that will raise their dignity to live independently.  Do not do that. Dignity is only for you, the master. Not for the people, the masses, the subjects.  Every time they need a fish, they have to come to you. They will be willing to trade their human dignity for the fish. They will bestow upon you titles, give you more access to wealth that they do not understand and they will kiss your hands.

But make sure they are not too poor. Poor people have nothing to lose. They are so used to suffering and indignity, they may rise against you. That is not good. If you have to, make sure only a few are poor and make a show of helping them. It is excellent marketing for the image to make a show of helping the poor. It is simple actually…if you do not want to spend too much money, just visit them. Yes. Just a visit for 10 minutes will do much for your image as a leader. The people will hail you as a sensitive leader. Trust me. After 3 days, the poor folks will be forgotten and everyone will assume that you actually have helped them to live better.

So, why are you being such a fool? Why do you insist on doing what you are doing? Don’t you see that all your activities are a waste of your life? Think and be counted. Be like me. Be rich. Be powerful and be king in life.

What? You want people to think? Still being a fool aren’t you? The only thing they know is to admire others greater them in wealth and power. They like to be mesmerized. They enjoy being servants of the lord. I have made sure that they have no time to think. I have made them busy trying to live. I have engineered what information they should get.

People will not think. They will not want to sacrifice their precious time to think about what I am really doing. They have their daily living to struggle with.

People should just follow me. Not think. How many normal people get invited to give their views on important things? They are irrelevant. They have been trained to receive and listen. To be the obedient dog that wags its tail everytime the master comes. Do you want to be the dog or the master?

You cannot change the system. You do not have the power nor the wealth. I am the power. I am the wealth. I am the system.  I count. You don’t.

People are fools and are meant to be so. You are one of them.  So grovel at my feet for your own good so that I can give you a fish”.

Peace !

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mae said...

I agree with the motivation.