Thursday, April 1, 2010

BookIntro10: SEX SLAVES

This book seems to destroy the myth that it is the morally corrupt western sex tourists that led to the development of the sex trade in Asia. While they certainly have played a vital part in the growth of the sex industry, Louise Brown puts forward evidence to show that the primary customers of sex workers are essentially Asian men. She also persuasively argues that the "Asian hypocrisy" towards moral values, the fact of a male dominated Asian society, repressive attitudes towards women by Asian men and such have actually encouraged and developed the sex trade in Asian countries.

She records many of the real instances of young girls and women who have been cheated into prostitution or worse sold off by their parents to brothels or "sex agents" who traffic "sex products" across borders. These are disturbing and heart wrenching accounts to read.

Her research covers, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore,Vietnam, Philippines, etc.

This is a good book to read by almost everyone who is concerned about girls and women who are caught up in sexual slavery. I would particularly recommend this book to be read by all social workers, activists, and the religious clergy whether they are called priests, rabbis, fathers or ulamak. As they say, with knowledge of the facts, remedial actions may be taken.

Be prepared to cry or to be angry or to be sad when you read the book...but be prepared also to something or anything you can.

[Book is published by Virago Press, London]

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