Wednesday, June 30, 2010

40 Ulamas into UMNO

1. With the entry of 40 religious scholars into UMNO, how does this impact on the pattern of politics which is evolving in this country?

2. More to home would be the question: how it will affect the evolvement of UMNO itself – will it gradually metamorphose into a theologically inclined party like PAS?

3. How will it impact on practice and understanding of Islam in this country?

4. Will these kind of moves lead to the “theocratization” of politics in the future?

5. How will the perception of the general public towards religious scholars be affected when they enter into politics?

6. Are we going to witness religion, in particular Islam being further institutionalized?

God willing, will write on these soon if time permits!

Peace !

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Anonymous said...

Your brother Syed has written a good piece on this news last weekend. He said, "No such thing as Ulama class in Islam". Whatcha think?