Saturday, June 26, 2010

Najib Tun Razak’s brave decision: No sports betting licence !!!

The Prime Minister Mohd Najib Tun Razak pleasantly surprised the majority of the Rakyat with his decision on the sports betting licence. There was rife speculation that he would ‘crumble’ to the many “powerful pressures” exerted upon him to approve the sports betting licence. This proves that the Prime Minster listens to the Rakyat. Contrary to some speculations too, this is also proves this PM can make up his own mind. Congratulations PM Sir!


If you know the “powerful” links and the “political temptations” of the gaming industry in this country, you will also realize that this is a courageous decision made by the Prime Minister. In a sense he has made a “Rakyat decision” and probably has upset some powerful elitists. I don’t think such a decision has ever been made by any PM since Merdeka in the gaming industry.

You will also note that there have never been any discussions on the effects of the gaming industry on the regular patrons. It is almost as if even the mainstream media is under “hush –hush” understanding with relevant parties on the issue. I am just speculating here!

You will also note that this country totally lacks “clinics” or avenues for addictive gamblers to seek counseling or cure. Ashamedly, even the legal gaming operators do not even sponsor any such clinics. Compulsive gamblers are sick people and they need help. They are not bad people who deserve only punishment.

I do hope however that this courageous decision by the PM will be followed by another courageous act – to re-evaluate the massive gaming industry in the country.

Kudos to you Honourable PM Sir! You have saved many families.

Peace !

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