Monday, July 11, 2011

Bersih 2.0 and What it Showed.

I must admit that I was very concerned about the Bersih march - for very selfish reasons. In all sides of the march, my friends and relatives are involved. For the first time in my life, I saw that if there was any untoward incidents, it will involve friends and relatives. I had wanted a peaceful walk from day one and whatever view I could give to those that matter did not work at all.

On that day, I was away in Ipoh but I kept receiving smses on the unfolding events. I kept replying: "be peaceful, walk safely". 

When I came back to KL in the evening, I made calls to the various police stations to find out where and who are arrested. I must say the police were very helpful and there was no cloak and dagger. They had done a job that they had to do and were now preparing to release as many of the marchers as soon as possible. Most of those detained were released by 1 am after recording the necesssry statements. 

I must congratluate the young lawyers and LAC who were at hand to assist the detainess irregardless of whether they were Bersih or Patroit or anyone at the vaious police stations late into the night.

In this regard, I must also congratulate the Home Minister who must have ensured that the police do not unnnecesarily detain the ordinary citizens who walked because they felt that is thier way of expressing responsibility for the country.

Two things this Bersih walk showed - that Malaysians can assemble peacefully, and they have matured.  It also shows that many Malaysians are willing to take risks for their country. Secondly, this walk also showed that despite the pressure which I know the FRU and police force were facing, they largely exercised restraint and did the best they possibly can.

It would have been a 1Malaysia Bersih walk had the politicians not been in the fray.

Peace !


Anonymous said...

be it bersih 1 or 2, politicians hijack and screw things up

Apple Li Lac said...

haha! so betoilah babeh ada hantar gambar cik bunge ke semua balai polis petang tu... wink!wink!

tapi kan...kita rasa,kali ni kali pertama(kononlah) cik bunge bangga gilerrr....sebab ikut kata hati instead of logic n kata kepala :P

biarlee kena buang universiti,tapi x mungkin kite nak menyorok lepak chill kat umah bila sedara malaysian kita berhujan kat luar tu.

Apple Li Lac said...

citer skitt arrrr...dis is not about melayu ke, anwar ke, pembangkang ke... to those who r not there. am tellin y'all tat very day ive seen true malaysian! all singing jalan2 lari2 together2...just imagine lah! whaaaaast a beauty!

Burung Merbok said...

1. A peaceful walk ; Malaysians getting to be more matured : Malaysians exercising their democratic rights ....... all bullshit, bro.

2. In the first place, that demo was a sham and a shamble full of dirt, conspiracy, lies, intimidation, hidden agendas, a ploy to take over the govt by undemocratic means , an effort to discredit our country to the eyes of the International community; a devilish communion between some NGOs and political parties, a manifestation of direct illegal confrontation and rebellion against the King, the laws of the country and the enforcement authorities. All in all, the demo smacks of hypocrisy and lies staged by diehard politicians in pursuit of their own selfish agendas.

3. Trying to 'sunshine' the whole dirty episode is in fact an act of a total ignorance of the whole devilish scheme ; giving credence to a group of rebel-rousers deserves condemnation of the highest degree ! Do a survey and we'll find out that the vast majority of Malaysians abhor and loathe such acts of hooliganism. The political distractors would be put to shame by such findings.