Friday, July 8, 2011

JULY 9 - The Day Malaysians are tested

On this blog, I have on 2nd July 2011 appealed to ALL parties who were planning to march on 9th July not to do so. I was concerned about security and safety of the marchers based on information that I have.

Now it seems to me that the marching tomorrow will take place by various quarters. I am sure the majority of those who are going to march tomorrow are sincere and have thier own stand to express.

We live in a democracy and it is not uncommon to assemble and walk peacefully to express a point in the interest of the Nation.

Malaysians with differing opinions will be marching AND it is important to remember that it is a march by FELLOW MALAYSIANS.

We may differ in our views but we are Malaysians. We love this country of ours and we want the best for each other.

We are not each others' enemies.

I hope that the enforencement authorities will keep in mind that these are Malaysians. Among the group may be children, old people and women.

It will be a test day of how we treat each other - with love and respect or aggressive obsession with politics and authority.

To those who insist on marching tomorrow irregardless of what T-Shirts they wear or what group they represent, I wish them a safe outing and bring along with you the sense of humanity.

Peace !

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