Friday, August 26, 2011

Government Agencies is one of BN's problems to win the election

1. Barisan Nasional has a major problem and challenge in facing the general elections which Pakatan generally does not have.

2. In Malaysia, people have yet to be mature enough to distinguish the difference between administration of the country and the politicians who form the "Government".

3. As far as the people are concerned the Government is Barisan Nasional.

4. The Government to the people means the civil servants, the enforcement agencies whether the police, the customs, the councils, Bank Negara, the courts, etc which affect their daily lives.

5. Whenever these agencies and instituions visit injustice on the people or enforce the law in a cruel manner (when the law allows for kinder approaches), it is Barisan Nasional and especially UMNO that will get the blame.

6. Hence, having so called winnable candidates on one hand and the people being upset and feel that they are being oppressed by the agencies on the other hand just take away the votes from Barisan Nasional.

7. Why would decent, ordinary citizens want to vote for Barisan Nasional, if they feel that they have been indecently treated by the relevant agencies?

8. If Barisan Nasional is serious about winning the peoples' vote, they have to take a  WHOLESOME approach.

9. Barisan Nasional which is in power will be held responsible for the actions of the government servants. This is just how it is in these difficult times.

10. If the enforcement agencies, for example put people out of business for the slightest of error with the law, the people will think that Barisan Nasional Government does not care for their family. Why then should they vote?

11. In short, the politicians in Barisan Nasional better wake up and address this problem that is occuring all over the country lest the unshakeable government servants shake the seat of their political masters.

12. It is still not too late, but there is not much time either !

Peace !


Anonymous said...

True but BN politicians seem not to understand.Also many government servants are PAS suporters.And many also have jumud mentality and don't use common sense.Of course there are the good ones who are are really dedicated and they are being called pembodek.Many are made to feel serba salah.But then also some menteri promise the sky making the public think the government servants can do miracles to solve their problems without checking the availability of infra structures thus causing confusions and making both the public and the government servants angry.So no vote for BN.Double jeopardy.


Anonymous said...

sorry to say. Barisan Nasional currently start leaving the "goverment" and let the "goverment" handle the issue themselves.
It clear, who ever won the GE need to face same problem, create by the "goverment".

Danish Redzuan said...

Setuju bro. Problem pelaksana undang-undang yang tak guna perikemanusian will cause big problem for BN to win.

People kekadang dapat impression yang ajensi kerajaan buka sesuka hati dalam pelaksanaan undang-undang.



Salam Bro,
Amalan mencampuradukkan, interference dan memperalatkan agensi Kerajaan oleh parti politik sudah lama diamalkan BN dan UMNO.

Apabila mereka berkuasa mereka ingat agensi Kerajaan ini harta-merdak mak bapa mereka.

Guru yang tidak pro mereka diposting ke kawasan jin bertendang. Pegawai-pegawai yang ikhlas menegur mereka dicap sebagai pembangkang,kenaikkan pangkat dibeku.

Ustaz dan alim ulama yang mengeritik mereka berlandaskan Quran dan Hadis dilabel sebagai ulama pembangkang.

Kuasa-kuasa mereka berlegar-legar di kalangan pembodek-pembodek tegar yang menghiburkan mereka sahaja.

Mereka yang berjasa menaikkan mereka disepak seperti anjing jalanan kerana mereka sudah puas mengecapi kenikmatan hidup ketika berkuasa.

Hari ini rakyat konfius, dan dalam fikiran rakyat politik yang berkuasa akan menguasai Kerajaan kerana inilah amalan yang diamalkan BN/UMNO selama ini.