Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Power hungry greedy politicians.

I am sorry if I am going to repeat the same message in this posting.

Do not trust the politicians. Check and verify what they say and do with information, data and thinking. They are always in the habit of projecting themselves as clever and caring when often then not, they are neither.

Politicians also have the habit of doing the most common thing and making it appear as an extraordinary feat or policy.

They like to pretend to be busy but are actually wasting our time and resources  doing all the things they shouldn't and not doing and not doing what they should.

Do not trust gullibly either the mainstream media nor the so called social media. The virus of lying and spinning has shamelelssly affected both.

There are people who are willing to be paid to lie and misled the Rakyat.

I am concerned that the spirit of awareness among the Rakyatnappears to be dwindling. Maybe it is the lethargy of watching the politicians continuing to insult our intelligence and demean the less knowedleagble Rakyat among us.

But we have to stay alert.

The Rakyat must continue to remain relevant.

Do not give what politicians want - total unquestioned power to manage this country.

peace !

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder. True !