Monday, April 22, 2013

DAP Deregistered After PRU ???

Politicians are at it again - manipulating facts to gain public sympathy and VOTES and probably also to prevent the Registrar of Societies to do its job in  accordance with the law, This time, the politicians who are being naughty are from the DAP.

There was a complaint against the election of the CEC members by DAP MEMBERS themselves. The ROS has to investigate as it procedurally should. Since investigations are ongoing, the status of the CEC in the future is therefore uncertain in law. A full inquiry has to be done by ROS to determine whether there is any validity in the complaint by the DAP's members. 

At this moment, TODAY, the CEC has not been declared invalid nor has DAP been deregistered. The Election Commission (SPR) has also recognised the '"rocket" symbol and has allowed tis symbol to be used in this PRU13. NO issue on symbol! Period.

SO, any talk of DAP using another symbol to contest has no basis in law but purely an election tactic to garner sympathy votes and to confuse the voters. It is also aimed to politically associate ROS with BN so as to achieve various objectives - including  to pressure ROS not to act on the complaints by the DAP. I think we should stop having different sets of laws for politicians regardless of from which political party they come from.

It is shameful to use these tactics to trick the ignorant sections of the public to vote for DAP. It surely sounds like dirty politics.

Lets assume that investigations finally show that the CEC was not elected in accordance with the law. There are several possibilities. Lets assume the "worst" possibility - DAP is deregistered (which I doubt). If DAP is deregistered  will it affect the status of the DAP candidates who may have won in PRU13? 

The answer is: NO ! Recall that UMNO was once deregistered and it did not affect the status of the UMNO MPs and Aduns. They still remain as valid members of Parliament and State Assemblies. Let us not forget that independents do not stand on the platform of any political parties. There is no legal prerequisite that an election candidate must belong to a political party - any solo goreng pisang seller also can be a candidate.

Peace !

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