Sunday, June 23, 2013

A New Era of Democracy or Same Mediocrity ???

The first parliamentary sitting after the 13th General Elections begins on 24th June 2013 and ends on 18th July 2013.

For many years, the Rakyat did not know what was going on in Parliament except that the Yang Berhormats were are "busy debating and passing laws" in the "interest of the Rakyat".

After 2008 elections, THEY experimented with live telecast of the Parliamentary debates and that was when the Rakyats realised that some of the Yang Berhormats are not necessarily "Yang Bersopan" nor "Yang Berkebolehan". The Rakyat, I think were shocked at the low level of debates and sometimes at the speed with which some important bills are passed without debate. That was when I think THEY decided to stop live telecasting the Parliamentary debates. (who are "THEY" who decide anyway?)

I would like a TV station dedicated to live telecasting the parliamentary debates - apa yang nak di malu atau di sembunyi? It is just like a CCTV at work where the boss monitors the workers. SO, why cannot the Rakyat who can vote for them to get into Parliament not see and follow what they are doing there?

If live telecast of parliamentary sittings and debates are not allowed, the Rakyat will make an adverse inference - MPs are scared the people will know they are not performing.

My hope is that Parliament functions for the best interest of the Rakyat and the Nation. Partisan politics should be kept outside the door of the hall when the MPs walk into it. Leave the political campaigning and party whacking out.

The Rakyat hopes to see the Government and the Opposition engage in debates intelligently based on facts and statistics. The rules of the game should be fair and this should be ensured by the Speaker. Members bills should be given due regard and not dismissed outright.

The Rakyat will like to see the BN Government propose good bills and policies and, the Opposition to behave as a responsible opposition. Occasions where the interest of the Rakyat demands that both parties support bills tabled by either party should be readily grabbed.

Let us not turn parliamentary sittings into  a circus of mediocrity.

I wish all the MPs happy sitting and may you be true to the voters who voted you in.


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