Saturday, June 1, 2013

Is UMNO now after Datuk Seri Najib?

Without the slightest of doubt, Najib had worked hard before the elections - traversing the whole country campaigning very hard for the elections. His advisers were very convinced that Najib was very popular with the  Rakyat.  All his policies GTP, ETP, NKRA and a few other acronyms were  presented to the people. There was massive advertisements covering these policies. His advisers were very happy but certainly they seemed to have forgotten to ascertain whether the Rakyat were happy.  Br1m, tr1m, kar1sma and so on were also given out and again it was assumed that this would give BN the support of the Rakyat.

In the midst of Zulkifli Nordins and Ibrahim Alis, BN sought to reach out to the Chinese voters in an unprecedented manner including a concert of Psy thrown in ( whose idea was it anyway????) and yet it did not achieve the desired result.

When Barisan lost the popular  vote for the first time in Malaysian political history, it showed that whatever strategies BN employed failed. This means that Najib's election strategists failed big time. Admittedly, the cabinet did create a surprise of sorts but many in UMNO are now surprised why the cabinet looks the way it does. What's the direction and message the President of UMNO is giving?

Daim has  already fired the first salvo. Is Tun Mahathir soon to follow?

Word is that UMNO "big guns" are already planning something on the quiet (not so quiet!).

Let us see what  Najib's brilliant advisers are going to advise him now.


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Anonymous said...

UMNO baru nak buru najib sekarang ?
semenjak 2008, lepas ambil alih dari TunDol, ramai betul orang,sadikit demi sadikit,orang melayu dan blogger melayu, yang mulai mengekori dasar dasar, personality cult najib.Telah memberi kata dua,gasak ,rembat, cemoh, tapi najib degil ketegak.
Tun M terang terang sokong najib ( dengan muslihat,bagi BN menang dulu )
PRU dag selesai, banyak betul bunyi pedang di keluarkan dari sarung nya.
Kalau UMNO nak belasah ,belasah lah di PAU lepas ray puasa,tapi saya dah sebut dulu ketika PAU yang lepas, 3 juta hali UMNO sudah buka gerai jual telor setengah masak, semua diam.
PAU 2013 tak akan beza sangat, carbon copy,.
arjuna waspada
changkat lobak.