Sunday, November 30, 2014

Munafiqs and Firauns Oppressing Other Muslims is the real threat?

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My deep and sincere concern is this – will munafiqs in our midst try all possible ways to deny my ubudiyah (service/worship) and compel me to stray away from the path of Islam as taught by Allah? Will they deny me the right to sincerely serve my Creator?

 I am not worried about non-Muslims trying to proselytise me, or trying to “insult Islam” or "placing" Islam under a “threat”. These are things that I can handle myself easily. 

Also, for me it is impossible, under current circumstances where Muslims are the majority and have political control for any non-Muslim to place Islam under “threat”.  I also believe in the promise of Allah that it is He who will guide whom He pleases and that it He who will safeguard the teachings of the Quran.

I actually welcome non-Muslims to try to proselytise me as it would give me an opportunity to share the wisdom of the Quran and to invite them to Allah who is the Creator of everything and everyone. I will be happy to be engaged in a discussion to seek out the Way of the Creator.

As a Muslim, I will also be equally happy to peacefully disagree with the non-Muslim and welcome him back for another discussion if he so desires.  Otherwise, being consistent with what the Quran teaches, I will let Allah decide our differences on judgement day. In the meantime, I am completely prepared to share Allah’s mercy with him as Allah so graciously bestows His mercy on me.

It is the munafiqs (hypocrites) and the extremists that worry me. For one to be a munafiq in this situation, he has to smell, sound, and look like me and even pretend to “care” for me except that he wants me to think and believe EXACTLY as he does. In effect, he wants me now to accept him as my god or as another god alongside Allah or an intermediary for me to "reach" Allah.

If I do not accept his views and his teachings, he is prepared to ostracise me, humiliate me, oppress me if he has the power and make life completely miserable for me. He will even go to the extent of declaring that I am not a Muslim and hence try to deny me my right of faith simply because I do not think and believe EXACTLY like him.

He will behave like the Firaun (Pharoah) of the Quran who will cut off the legs and hands of his subjects on opposite sides if they were to follow Moses without his permission.

The real threat to the practice of Islam has always been from within - by those who want to compel by force their understanding of Islam on other Muslims. Extremist behaviours.

It is the munafiq and the Firaun who is a threat to the peaceful practice of Islam. 

Correct me if I am wrong in my views.

Peace !


Anonymous said...

You're so right, aint life interesting ?

Anonymous said...

Yes they are not a threat to you or to me. But, what about to our youngsters who don't have in depth knowledge about Islam or tauhid. Try to ask them why do they believe in Islam? I bet that you will not find an answer that is convincing enough to the munafiqun and the kafirun.