Thursday, October 23, 2008


The biggest problem with politics and politicians is their sole preoccupation to stay in power at all costs. The main objective of those in the wings of politics is to one day ride the wave of power. For politicians, power is what drugs is to the addict. At all costs, they will want o get it. At all costs.

Like drug addicts, they are dangerous because they are unable to control themselves. Like drug addicts, rehabilitation may not generally work in the long run for most of them. Like drug addicts they will not only delude the public but even themselves to get the a dose of power. Dose after dose. Hence like drug addicts, it is the public that must forever cast a watchful eye over the politicians - calmly, firmly, peacefully, rationally and effectively.

To stay in power, the politician will adopt populist speeches, even populist policies though it harms the public in the long run. Seldom and I repeat seldom do you find politicians willing to do the right thing in the right balance if it means risking the loss of power. In "Islamic language", "kiblah mereka adalah kuasa politik semata-mata". Don't believe me. Study political history. There are very few or almost no Oliver Cromwells or Ghandis around - two figures who inspired me greatly when I was in my teens.

It the obsession for power that vital matters like environmental issues are never discussed. Have ever you heard about this during the March elections? DO you read any one of the politicians talking about this? Does the media give front page coverage to this? Nope! It is not popular. The damage is not seen as imminent.

Anyone reading the Quran will instantly realize that it the duty of those who believe in the Great Designer to protect the environment. We are here on earth temporarily as a trustee of nature for the next generation and on behalf of nature itself.

I am hopeful that a wholesome leader will emerge who will have a wholesome view of matters in life. Most not only think within the box but because of power addiciton think within a small corner of the box.

Raperas on the other hand have to train to think wholesomely and prudently. Expediency cannot replace long-term good.

With this thought, I leave you with a very spiritual song. Again, anyone reading the Quran can identify with this song. We are all connected to each other, if only we knew.


angin_kabus said...

yes. No one cares about the environment. mana ada glamour bro?

Anonymous said...

The relevant ministry should have more powers and there need to be proper laws to streamline jurisdiction.

At the moment, it is so confusing who is in charge. DOE, Jabatan Parit Tali Air, Majlis, who?

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why we still cannot manage and forecast floods.

Interesting url for those inetersted: