Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is your staff working in your interest - CivilServants?

You are paying their salary from your hard earned money. Apart from the salary they receive, they also receive plenty of perks, especially the ones in the higher rung ..who look very solemn and sober.

Are you watching them? DO you know what they do with their time? Are they implementing the government policies or using their arbitrariness to do what they think is right?

This is an issue - arbitrary decision making. How to have check and balance? Is it easy for you to meet the pengarah or the KSU? They are your staff!

What about the delivery system? Is it so difficult to get well paid, over-perked high ranking officials to be accountable to the public?

What about the way they go about doing thier work? DO they follow the law..or do they say: "Tak apalah, kalau tak puas, boleh rayu kemudian?" It is your time and not theirs isnt it?

Think! Do not just focus on the politicians while forgetting the real people who are so powerful in your life, they can ruin you or give you the run around.

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