Tuesday, October 28, 2008


“What does it say about a government that is wasting both time and resources watching its own law-abiding citizens?” asks Keith Harvey, director of the AFSC New England regional office, cosponsor of the Springfield event. “Imagine what could happen if we give the government unrestrained authority to spy on anyone without answering to anyone?”

“Our country is governed by the rule of law, not the politics of hysteria and fear,” Miller emphasized. “Spying on citizens for merely executing their constitutional rights of free speech and peaceful assembly is chilling and marks a troubling trend. Our country is built upon a system of checks and balances. These actions violate the rule of law and strike a severe blow against our Constitution.”

We need to be clear,” Coleridge states. “The Pentagon is snooping on individuals and groups that have no history of organizing or even calling for violence against the government. If people and groups like this can be monitored, then we need to ask ‘where does it end?’ ”

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shams said...

Spying on the people in your posting may be an american thing but what does it happen in our country?

Say we look at moral policing ..is that not spying on the people too? Being a muslim, I am concerned that the religious authorities will breach privacy of individuals in the name of religion. I have often felt that because of the religious authorities and politicians abusing religion, Malays have actually become second class citizens in terms of their freedom of thought and expression and living. In this regard, non-Muslims have more rights.