Friday, June 5, 2009


One of the best speeches I have ever heard from a leader.

He was correct when he stated that the world must move away from stereotypes and generalizations. Each of us are individual human beings and are not defined by the group that we are socially or ethnically or nationally put into. This is a lesson which all of us must learn if we are to progress forward as a human. As President Obama correctly put it, "we cannot build relationships based on our differences".

I feel that much of his speech is relevant to our country too. We too have the minority extremists of all types (religious and racial bigots, etc) in our midst who cause discord and mischief among the Malaysian People. I do hope that 1Malaysia will at least be a beginning for us to talk like Malaysians irrespective of ethnic or religious background.

peace !


Dr said...

The test of the pudding is in its taste (or something like that). Obama is a speechmaker par excellence. But like all politicians, his actions don't match his words. He would only say he disagrees with Israeli sttlement building on Palestinian land but would not go beyond mere words to stop the Israelis. Cakap lain bikin lain.

Alizul said...

I agree with Dr. Words are nothing if not translated into action. Sure, it was a "beautiful" speech, and we can only hope and pray that we will finally see some changes. But American history shows that no President can run away from the "Jewish-Zionish syndrome". Look what happened to John Kennedy and other US Presidents who go against this "tradition".

Jahamy said...

Dr and Alizul,

I agree with both of you. Obama makes all the right speeches so far. That is a good start. I, too am waiting to see action or at least efforts that match his words. For that reason, I wrote my caution on Obama at

Dr said...

CORRECTION: "The taste of the pudding is in the eating" kah kah. And I got an A1 in English for MCE.

tues said...
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sund said...

you people speak about other peoples country on this and that, why look so far? look inside your own country, you think your prime minister speak of 1 malaysia and he means it?

malaysia so often is fond of criticising other people and have a sense of denial of what is happening in their own country.

all you do is talk talk and more talk.

example, head lines on the datukship from whatever pulau in philipines for sale...

as if its like so shocking to malaysians that this can occur, selling of datukships, so shocking, oh my god, oh my this, oh my that...

but bloody hell the datukship in malaysia has been and is still on sale for decades, not only datuk, tan sri also, so WTF, so shocking when reading about other people in other countries...WTF!

Anonymous said...

iskkk...suka sangat mencarut! tak mencarut tak boleh hidup ke? iskkkkkk!!!!

Abg Jay...tuesday your bday kan...tungguuuuu!!!!

Parpu Kari said...


Jahamy said...


Thanks for dropping by but I really fail to see how your comment relates to what I wrote about Obama. I was NOT criticizing him. If you read between the lines, you will see that I am cautioning us. yes we Malaysians.

I take your point that many malaysians love to "talk, talk and talk" which means you must have done more than just "talk, talk and talk".

Can you please share with us what action you have taken and how we may work with you to make this a better Malaysia?

What the Fruit, I want to learn from you Sund. teach!

Peace !

Anonymous said...

Some talk merely an empty talk... banging loud ,sounds like barking to me, lost not even in the middle of confuseland ...

Such a short and sweet poem dedicated to all ...errr to all empty and sweet talker.

Let me clear my throat ! Ehemm...

" in so many words
he will tell you
that he loves you

but don't you doubt
that for once he never
kissed you?

So kiss me Obama
I don't care lah wether
your talk empty ka,manis ka..
neither right or wrong ka...
for you Obama
such a charmer


sund said...


i was referring to your commentors comments, not your post about obama.

jay said...


thanks for the clarification.

peace !

Anonymous said... war ! hehe...

Shut up la woman!!!