Monday, June 15, 2009

Third World Mentality, we are?

Obviously we love our country very much. This is our home. We are not privileged like the elitist politicians and corporate figures to have second or third homes in Australia, new Zealand or England. We and our children have only one home – Malaysia. Due to this, we have no choice but to take good care of our home. But what does “taking good care of our home” mean? This means many things and it is a heavy and continuous responsibility.

For starters, we must put the proper people in charge of the country. But what kind of choices do we have apart from the current political system which we have seen can be abused to the hilt? How do we project and put forth responsible people to be in charge of the country under the current political system? Seems almost impossible.

So, it appears that one choice open to us is to be honest in our evaluation of the events that happen around us and to take the necessary action in safeguarding our right to live peacefully. In this quest, we have to be forthright, courageous and persistent.

Can you not feel the third world mentality that is prevalent in our country? This mentality abounds among our politicians and they appear bent on making it a national culture. In the first world, people do not talk about obvious things or things that require common sense. For example only in the third world does a Prime Minster make statements like, “pandulah cermat dijalan raya”. In the first world, the Prime Minister will talk about steps taken to make the roads safe for users. We had a PM before who spent FOUR years of our lives giving us fatherly advice that we did not need. What we needed was concrete reforms and policies.

In the first world also, leaders do not behave like personal moral custodians of the public. They do not tell you what exactly to wear or how you should think. Can you imagine President Obama or the Prime Minister of say, Britian, Germany or Australia telling their citizens what to wear in public, what you can say and what you cannot say, etc. All this is child-stuff fit for children and third world countries -hand-kissing countries.

In the first world, leaders are held accountable for what they do and say. In the third world, they are worshipped and held up as Lords.

Are we third world citizens? We have in our midst for, example, a group of politicians who DECLARE that sisters-in-Islam are dangerous and that they should be banned. Ironically, this group of politicians speaks in the name of religion. Firstly, it never dawns upon them that another person who may profess the same religion with them may not agree with their understanding. Secondly, it is shocking that a political party finds differing views (assuming they have views) unacceptable WHEN THEY ARE NOT EVEN IN POWER YET! For the record, I am not aligned to nor am I known to sisters-in-Islam.

How long more must the people of this country tolerate such religious arrogance? Is it not sheer arrogance to speak like God and without basis? In the Quran, only one personality exuded such religious arrogance – Firaun. You cannot think or decide any religion without his permission. He is the sole decider of what is religious and what is not. He is a god.

To me, it is absolutely third world mentality when you have to depend on someone else who undergoes the same biological functions as you do to determine your faith. How long more do the citizens of Malaysia want to be subjugated to these politicians on matters touching you soul? This is the real danger that you have when you mix politics and religion. The religious politicians mutates into a god on earth.

I have said this before and I am repeating it: every action of the politicians affects our lives and the lives of our future generation. If we do not evolve into Raperas but remain as ordinary citizens thinking that what they do will not affect us, then we are charting our own doom. We have to mature into thinking adults and must sent the message home to these kind of politicians to stop insulting us.

If possible, chase them out of politics so that they can spend time pondering what it means to be truly subservient to the Creator.

Politicians who are arrogant, lack love in their hearts, divide people into races and religions, selfish, corrupt, and incapable of respecting other people’s differing views cannot be good people who truly believe in the Creator. They want to be gods. Would you trust your child in their care?

You decide – do you want to mature or still remain in the third world mentality?


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