Friday, June 26, 2009


This morning when a friend smsed me that "Micheal Jackson had died", I did not know how to respond. I know that he had planned a tour of comeback in July in London. I was looking forward to it. Man proposes, God disposes, they say.

Now he has returned Home. The human part of me was sad. He had a great impact on me - more than any politician or religious cleric ever could. His life itself was a major message. His songs and dance were powerful reminders of many things, if you "see" beyond the "pop" culture. I do not know what I could write at this moment as there are so many things flying in my mind, all at the same time.

I just wrote about him on 1st June - some 25 days ago. I have been thinking of him for the past two days. I was going to write about him over the weekend, but never thought this is what I will be writing.

His Early days: - One day in your life

The Transformed Micheal: - I will remember the times you shed light in my life, Mikey

Mikey, you are right - at Home, it doesn't matter if your are Black or White. Why should it matter now? I wish we can remember you by understanding this song.

Mikey, have a pleasant journey Home.

Peace !


niasara said...

I'm having my panic attacked yesterday morning once I saw the headline in yahoo. You are the 1st person I could think of at that time n I was hoping you sms me back and telling me ' just rumor la Sara...' instead of 'confirm'

Many of us just talked bout him, excited bout his upcoming tour...and in a blink of an eye...he is gone.

MJ truly a 'magic' ... and I'll always love him.

Rest in peace ...

jon pour do care said...

Salam My Bro. Jay,

MJ has 'touched' the life of people around the world. The messages in his songs were universal and if I am permit to say in another language, MAGNIFICO !


Jahamy said...

jon pour do care,

yup, magnificio!