Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bravo Hypocrites and Cowards: Let The Children Suffer???

It looks like a victory for the cowards, hypocrites and the ignorant ones. On one hand, we all know that the international medium of language for science and mathematics is English and yet we regress it back to Bahasa Malaysia. The reasons given for the reversion or regression is the one that hurts the mind the most. Every single reason given tak masuk akal langsung! So many blogs have covered this and I do not wish to go through the pain of repeating them.

I was not surprised of course that some racially trapped dinosaurs are "happy" that the subjects can now be taught in their respective mother tongues! Knowledge and future sacrificed at the alter of language!

My "unrealistic" wish is this: I hope that the Government realizes its mistakes, do whatsoever face-saving strategies necessary quickly and come back with a policy that is in line with global developments.

Let us not play the fool with the children's future please!!!

Peace !

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jon pour do care said...

Salam My Bro. Jay,

Have a story to tell you ! (if it's boring, feel free to delete it.)

When I was in standard 1 back in 66, my class teacher wrote the word BACON on the board and when she asked me to pronounce it, I said BAR KUUN ! Well, everyone laughed includng my teacher ! I went back home with my mind thinking where did I went wrong. I did pronounce the word according to the spelling but why did they laughed ! At home, I immediately 'consulted' my eldest brother (who was 10 years older than me). He told me that in English, it should be pronounce as BAY KERN ! On that day onwards, there was no looking back because I made a promise to myself, nobody would laughed at me again.

Of course while growing up, still made some mistakes like saying 'not chet' for not yet, 'mys one' for my one (of course now I say mine !) but after being corrected by those dedicated teachers,stopped making those 'mistakes'.

I am no 'london paris new york' guy ! Am a local from kampung ! Father was in the police force and mother a homemaker but my parents put me in a missionary school and I had to learn ALL subjects in English (halo..halo.... ALL SUBJECTS !) EXCEPT Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia from standard one to form five !

Well, the morale of the story, I breath the same air,drink the same water,take the same food with those people from the kampung. I was not given any 'special food' to enhance my brain ! I did it for almost 12 years ( and bro. jay too) and went through without a hitch ! JADI, KENAPA KAMI BOLEH ?