Monday, July 13, 2009


Apparently , the Star reported that Pak Lah said "Alhamdullillah (thank god), I am grateful to Allah that the person I chose to replace me has carried out his job well." By the way, remember former "Mr NiceGuy" PM?

Barking Magpie has a reminder on this. You can read it here.

By the way Barking Magpie, please have some respect, he is Tun Dr. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. In 2006, He was conferred the doctorate by Syarif Hidayatullah National Islamic University (UIN), Indonesia for his concept of "Islam Hadhari". And I hear of a second doctorate from UUM is coming this July.

So DrM, you ada satu saja label "doctor", itu pun medical doctorate!..))

Peace !


jon pour do care said...

Oooooo....ada 2 doctorate ye ! Oooooo yek le ! Ala Dr. M tak heran nye ! Dr. M pun ada dua gak ! Dr. Mahathir & Dr. Siti Hasmah ! 2 Doktor, real punye ! kan..kan...kan......!

Jahamy said...

jon pour do care.....what can I say? You always have a final say!