Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gangsterism, Politics and People-bullying (“GPP phenomenon”

Gangsterism, Politics and People-bullying which I call the “GPP phenomenon” is not something new in human history. Let us not be mistaken about it. It has been around since time immemorial in various shapes and shades.

The GPP phenomenon has to do with power and wealth. There are always that few in society that can never be content with the basic power to live – they want godly power. That is that power to influence and control other human beings, to achieve “glory” to be “immortalized” to be remembered and often praised even after death. “godly” power. He wants to lead the pack where he thinks they should be heading.

Wealth and power go hand in glove. There are always that few in society that can never be content with the wealth to survive – they want more. They want to be able to “stand above the crowd”, to that that financial string that can make others do their bidding, if possible turn them into loyal, unthinking slaves.

Power and wealth alone is never enough for the narcissistic leader. He needs to have that tool of fear. That tool to intimidate, even hurt those who would dare challenge his leadership at the head of the herd. The fear factor always works most of the time – though not all the time.

But remember, the GPP phenomenon only affects a few. The MAJORITY of the people are normal and mentally able to live lives as decent human beings should.

As I said, this is nothing new in history. Study European, Chinese, Indian or even Malayan history, and you find this GPP phenomenon at work. During the royal leadership period in history, you find the Kings and the King’s men bullying ordinary citizens who were mostly peasants and made to remain so. We called these the feudal mentality deeply ingrained in the minds of the peasants that their destiny lies in the hands of the Kings and the Kings’ men. Did the MAJORITY remain silent?

For a very long while they did remain silent. This did not mean that they were unaware what was going on. They felt and were hurt by the bullying, the demeaning of their existence, the rape of their children in various ways by the elitist in power and their crony wealthy abettors. Human beings have a breaking point as history as shown again and again.

One day, the silent majority rose. They decided they do not want to play the game set by the elitist anymore. Enough of humiliation. The people wanted their dignity as human beings back. In Europe came the French Revolution with the unthinkable beheading of the King. The rise of people power spread all over Europe such that the Czar of Russia was correctly concerned. Even the powerful Czars could not survive the wrath of the ordinary citizens when they rose.

Even way, way before that, you had the Pharoahs of Egypt. Where are they and their families now? How developed is Egypt?

Eventually, politicians replaced Kings and became Kings unto to themselves. Like the Kings before them, they stole and raped the nations they were supposed to lead in the name of law and the People. They ensured that wealth only moved among the circle of their family and cronies. For the people, they threw bread crumbs. The GPP phenomenon affects them severely. They take the people for fools and a doormat to sustain themselves in power and wealth.

Again, study history and you find the silent majority, the people rise to say enough is enough. There has been many peaceful means of completely changing the political landscape. It is just a question of how much pain and humiliation the politicians can cause the people before the People decide to throw all of them out to be replaced by TOTALLY new leaders from the PEOPLE. This is the historical wheel that can never be changed.


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Salam Bro. Jay,

Remember the famous words 'SAYA PANTANG DI CABAR !' Ada siapa2 lagi yang ada pantang ?