Saturday, October 31, 2009

Islam Hadhari – What happened?

Ahmad, Ah Chong and Raju were at their favourite coffee shop where the following conversation took place.

Ah Chong: I like this new government policy la…. 1Malaysia. Good to remind us that we are all one Malaysians.

Ahmad: pelik isn’t it? We are all Malaysians and after more than 50 years, we have to be reminded again that we are one Malaysians!

Raju: Ya bro. Last 2 years so much tension in the country! Got religious issues la, got racial issues la, got so many demonstrations, ketuanan Melayu, ketuanan Rakyat, man type of ketuanan la…

Ahmad : Again pelik isn’t it? Got so much tension that time when the policy was Islam Hadhari. How come?

Ah Chong : yaa hor? Woi what happened to Islam hadhari? Wa..last time, everybody talk about Islam hadhari, got restaurant named Islam hadhari, got klinik named Islam Hadhari, got so many seminars and conference on Islam Hadhari…everything on government television also must say on Islam Hadhari….

Raju: yes la friends….it was a government policy which means all the cabinet members must have agreed to it. What happened to all the penyokong-penyokong Islam hadhari in the cabinet today?

Ahmad: Ala..bukan nya orang politik saja braders. Many orang agama also singing praises about Islam hadhari. If you go to the book shop today…you can still find books on Islam hadhari written by so-called ulamaks from Middle eastern Universities. But today all them so silent….just a matter of hardly 11 months!

Ah Chong, scratching his head: Hmm..politician I can understand la..they have no fixed principle one…can dance to the wind..but orang agama …how come they can change their mind?

Ahmad : Ah chong…you will be surprised la. Many orang agama sembah duit and pangkat and not Tuhan la. They can be easily bought with titles and money.

Raju: Friends, can you imagine….how much money was spent in the name of Islam hadhari…so…all that rakyat’s money wasted la?

Ahmad: sure la. All the money gone down the drain – our money. Politicians coin up slogans to konon nya mark their presence. Lagi pun, in our country, Islam is politicized. So Malay based party like UMNO and PAS will have to out-Islam each other la. Otherwise why you think Arabic sounding words sells like hot cakes in politics? You never realize ah…before every speech, each Malay politician will recite some long Arabic statements even though the audience tak faham?

Raju: Ahmad, not nice la you are a Malay and talk like that.

Ahmad: No la Raju. I am a Muslim. Of course I feel sad when my religion is being prostituted by hypocritical politicians. I fear Allah will punish them severely and our country for taking Allah’s name in vain.

A Chong: How come the cabinet members got no shame? They can just twist their tongue when one policy change to another? Today they support Islam hadhari, then tomorrow, throw it out! Haiya! Ini macam also got one.

Ahmad: nak hidup brothers! Last last, Rakyat is the in the one that is diperbodohkan and their money wasted. But the trouble is, when it comes to Islam, many of the Muslims do not want to find out about the religion themselves. Mereka ni terlalu bergantung pada orang politik dan orang agama. Malas nak baca dan memahami Quran dengan sendiri. So, kena tipu la.

Raju: Ya la braders….in our country so difficult to find people with the real perjuangan spirit. And those in politics for sure go no perjuangan spirit. Semua nak nama, pangkat dan harta only.

Ah Chong: Raju, you sound very pessimistic la. I know a few politician friends who are ok.

Ahmad: All I know is, if we want our country to prosper, be safe and available to the future generation, we the Rakyat must always watch every move of the politicians. Never trust them with our and our childrens' future. We, the People, must be the boss.

Peace !


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...kan dah kata taknak fikir tentang 'manusia bodoh'?

Dulu...duluuuulah,Sarah fikir scholar yang dok selit2 ayat suci al-quran ni dalam setiap ucapan n tulisan terdiri dari mereka 'berilmu dan tidak jahil'.

Makin lama hidup,baru tau...lebih byk yang mengarut,lebih teruk dari gol. yang membaca al-Quran tanpa faham maknanya.

Ayat2 quran digunakan utk mengukuhkan pendapat peribadi.Bagi yang mampu berfikir,susahlah utk dipengaruhi.Tapi abg Jay pun tahu...ramai yang tidak suka berfikir kan..kan...kan ?

Sarah tak tau dan tak peduli apa nak jadi dengan Islam Hadhari,pasai dari kecik dok tahu yang Islam itu hanya satu!

Spt yang pernah Sarah katakan 'saya rela jadi manusia bodoh,yang kurang berilmu,yang tidak faham makna ayat2 quran...asalkan saya ikhlas dalam setiap perbuatan.Biarlah ilmu yang ada kurang berbanding yang lain...sekurang-kurangnya yang sedikit itu saya faham makna yang sebenar-benarnya.Yang sedikit itu juga 'cahaya'...dan yang sedikit itu juga mematangkan.

Sarah rela berada di lingkungan kecil asal saja tak berjumpa lagi dengan manusia sebegitu...jahil dalam berilmu.Menakutkan,amat menakutkan!

jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro.Jay,

Kalau 20 tahun dulu, orang bolih la klentong kot ! (kot aje) tapi la ni, dgn dunia internet, malam skets la ! Tapi, malang nya,dgn ada internet pun, orang bolih kena gak ! Hairan bin ajaib ni !

P.S. Menuntut ilmu itu wajib kan..kan..kan...!

Anonymous said...

Jon,sebab wajiblah...tak habis2 blajaq sampai tua lagu ni.Makin byk ilmu,makiiiiin terasa 'kurang ilmu' :)