Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia???

An initiative called "Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia" (SABM) was officially launched recently by some concerned citizens. Had a long chat with Haris Ibrahim, one of the core founders of this initiative. Sounded good and relevant to the country. Sounded like a Malaysian project by Raperas. Here is the SABM charter that I lifted off their website. Read it for yourselves - and be the judge and make up your minds.

"Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia Charter


Recognising that our beloved Malaysia is:

* A sovereign and independent member of the global community of nations;

* A polity founded on the principles of a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy;

* A multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-cultural society formed on the basis of a shared choice of membership;

* A country built and nurtured by the immeasurable efforts and invaluable contributions of all her people, past and present;

* A nation where her people are inextricably bound by a shared history, heritage, a common interest and destiny;

* A land blessed with rich natural and human resources.

And fully subscribing to the immutable and universal principle that we are all of a single human race and born equal;


We, Anak Bangsa Malaysia, hereby declare that we are first and foremost Malaysians and Malaysia is our Home. We aspire to be the conscience of the nation and therefore pledge to:

1. Nurture the spirit of ‘Unity is Strength’ as enunciated in our Merdeka and Malaysia Day proclamations;

2. Honour and Uphold the Federal Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land;

3. Defend the constitutional provisions of fundamental liberties and equal rights for all citizens;

4. Respect our fellow citizens irrespective of ethnicity, faith, colour, class or gender;

5. Oppose all forms of prejudice, discrimination, oppression, persecution and injustice;

6. Cherish our multi-cultural heritage and celebrate our rich diversity; and

7. Respect and safeguard our natural and built environment;


We, Anak Bangsa Malaysia, herewith undertake to:

1. Engender a National Mindset to think and act first and foremost as Malaysians;

2. Engage the Hearts and Minds of our people to rise above the social constructs and divisive forces of ethnicity, faith, colour, class or gender;

3. Promote the humanitarian Values of inclusiveness, equality and justice for all;

4. Advance the principles of Good Governance, namely, stewardship, integrity, accountability and transparency;

5. Educate our people to be responsible and caring Global Citizens contributing to peace, prosperity and sustainable development.

We are committed to actualising the spirit and substance of Anak Bangsa Malaysia – "One People, One Nation". Towards this end, we are determined to take this message to the PEOPLE.

25th April 2009".


Anonymous said...

Yeaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!Sarah juga anak bangsa Malaysia! Dan Sarah juga suka gilerrrrr dengan wajah baru RAPERA!!!
Warna-warni...macam rakyat Malaysia juga :D

Abg Jay,tambah aaaarrrr...color Pink!hehe

jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro. Jay,

Nice new look. Appears to be light & easy. Eventhough some heavy stuff in it, but still looks welcoming & approachable !

p/s nak cantik lagi, boh bunge bunge sket, hak yg color color pink tu !

Anonymous said...

Jon,sudahlah Jahamy memang ada split personality,kadang2 bersuara lembut seperti aauuuuwww...lagi kasi idea bunga color2 pink!
Jawabnya Jahamy kena tukar jadi Jenny,nak local sikit...Jamilah!:D

Jahamy said...

sara and jon,

thank you.....cakap lah pada masing2!!!

Anonymous said...

haah kan...tersalah tempat chatting.Sorry tuan lawyer! :)