Monday, May 17, 2010

BookReview11: "THE QURAN AND I" by Anas Zubedy

Title The Quran and I
Author: Anas Zubedy
Description 216 pages full color
Retail price RM36.40
Publisher: Zubedy Ideahouse

When I got hold of this book, I thought it will be a heavy reading book that will delve deeply into the Quran. I was wrong. It is an easy reading book into the journey of Anas Zubedy, the author. He recollects his childhood, the people and the things that have influenced him, including the Quran as he grew up.

He writes in such a way that you end up feeling that you are with him as he recounts those moments. It is like a live broadcast. It is a very personal book and a good insight into the life a Malaysian Muslim. Reading the book, you can feel Anas’s honesty in the relating his past events. Some of his experiences are touching and the more sensitive reader may shed a tear or two when reading one of his chapters. The book is also a reminder that youths can be sensitive though adults may take them for granted.

I was impressed with the quality of the paper and the effort made to make the book “light and easy” spiced with expressive photographs.

This book was launched last week and I believe it is available in all major bookshops.

Happy reading.

Peace !

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reviews, at first, i was skeptical about this book.reading your reviews make me want to read it.. Thanks