Friday, May 14, 2010

Give me your comments on issues dear to you.

Rapera readers,

Please give me your comments on issues dear to you. I will be publishing a book soon and will like to include your ideas, comments and thoughts in them. In this case, it will be difficult to include comments posted under "anonymous" as I want to credit you.

Sorry for not blogging for some time...been extremely busy!

Thank you.

Peace !


life is not a fairy tale dude said...

The issue that concerns me is that why is the Chinese chauvinist and racists are allowed to freely speak their mind.

But when the Malays are speaking about their rights, or is attending any functions that is important to unite the Malays, we are condemned by all quarters?

Pakatan Rakyat heading towards the grave

Anonymous said...

Musa Hitam

After reading about the removal of Sime's President I feel so fortunate that Musa never became PM, never stayed in the cabinet and I thank Dr M if he brought about his removal.

The press conference was so interesting - two failed men held a conference. Musa a failed leader and Andrew Sheng a man who presided over billions of losses in BNM. They are now grand standing and taking pleasure in disgracing the President of Sime for the ills of a subsidiary. If the president of a company is to be held accountable for the ills of a subsidiary so should the board of that subsidiary, so should the board of the holding company.

What were these people doing. Perhaps some information may help. For example:

- does Sime have a private Jet;
- How often does Musa use it;
- in what exotic parts of the world do they have meetings;
- how often do they travel.

What is clear is that these flawed men travel for pleasure and leisure and some back to pass the back when things go wrong.

People like Musa are fun dinner time friends. They crack entertaining jokes and they do well on the lecture circuit. But its time the government realises that apart of sounding cute at conferences failed men make corporations fail.

I hope Najib realizes this and removed the Board of Sime. Maybe he can give musa a lifetime of free first class tickets and conference tours!

life is not a fairy tale dude said...
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Anonymous said...

The comments about Musa Hitam are so correct. He seems to be very vocal in criticizing Dr M but what has he really achieved for the country. It took a fool like Abdullah Badawi to give him the title Tun.

I suppose Abdullah needed some trendy liberal to say something nice about him. But his performance in Sime says it all!

What has he accomplished other than to enjoy a plush corporate life on the core earnings of plantations. We have other plantation companies like KLK, IOI etc. They don't splurge like Sime. Does a plantation company need to have a lecture series, flying people from round the earth for such functions. I wonder if the earlier commentator is correct that they have a private jet- IOI and KLK don't. Why is Sime so special that their board seems to be travelling and travelling- their life seems to be one lawatan sambil belajar after another.

Now when something goes wrong- Musa just wants to sack someone to be seen to have acted.... so that he can stay in office and enjoy the spoils. Even then he cannot be honest - what does he mean by CE asked to take leave when the guy has already left. Musa was on one big hurry to be seen to have done something- but after all these years he did what he was best at- passing the buck - passing the blame and dodging responsibility.

He set up a taskforce in October 2009- what have they achieved? Nothing - airmiles perhaps!

Bring back PNB and Tun Ahmad Sarji.

Minority Shareholder of Sime