Thursday, May 20, 2010


Perkasa claims to champion bumiputras. Help these people.

Peace !


Anonymous said...

Aisay ... jangan cakap benda bodohla bro. Baca role Perkasa apa?

Development needs money and that is the role of Government.

Tak akan NGO nak diharapkan buat pembangunan jalanraya, sekolah, dll. giler ke kau punya expectation?

Nampak sangat sikap perjudis atas Ibrahim ali orang berpemikiran ultra liberal and serpihan seperti awak.

Inilah loyar. Typical cakap saja banyak. Otak tak ada. Dia tahu law saja dan takde benda lain.

Buragas Alam said...

Thank you RAPERA,

This video clips really touch my feelings. Our PM should take back all the financial assistance channel to the Chinese school to reconstruct the development of the Orang Asli community. They should already have better infrastructure.

life is not a fairy tale dude said...

Perkasa should help all the indigenous people besides the Malay. Though the Malay should be their number 1 priority.

Article 160

Anonymous said...
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Rashid Embong said...

anonymous 7:05,

Amboi! celupar betul mulut awak. Dah lah tak bagi tau nama..senang2 kutuk orang. Kalau awak kenal jahamy, aku rasa kau mesti malu tengok jasa dia pada orang Melayu!

Nasib baik abang jahamy selalu 8ngatkan aku supaya sangat kutuk orang macam awak...kalau tidak, awak tau la..bukan awak sorang boleh lupa budaya Melayu bersopan santun.

Bangun lah anonymous! Buka minda awak. Kalau awak Melayu Muslim, saya harap awak insaf dengan tuduhan melalu pada orang lain.

Salam pada awak (ini pun di ingatkan oleh Abg Jahamy)

Rashid Embong

Rashid Embong said...

Anonymous 7:05 (letak lah nama lain kali)

Maksud akau : "jangan kutuk pada orang macam awak". tersilap taip tadi.


jon pour do care said...

Aloo anon 7:05 PM,

Bukan kah PERKASA memperjuangkan nasib bumiputera ? Habis yang dalam video itu siapa ? Siapa yang bodoh ni ?

Orang yang ada degree dan beberapa degree lain lagi di katakan takde otak, habis awak tu apa ? AKAI ADA KA !!!!

Bukan kita nak duit pak berahim tu sangat, hanya kita minta TOLONG (HELP) dia buat 'bising' sket kat pihak tertentu supaya terbela sket nasib BUMIPUTRA dalam video tu aje ! Tu pun payah nak paham ka ! SOHIH BODO SOING !!!!

P.S. Bro. Jay, is that video a recent one ? If so, maybe it's not too late to assist that young lady to get into the college (Maktab MARA kan..kan..kan...)

Anonymous said...
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caleb said...


If you are planning to visit the people to find out what can be done to help them, please buzz me. I'll like to assist.

thanks and Allah bless you.

Jahamy said...


You read it right. I have asked one of our sisters to arrange it. Will keep you posted. Thanks.

Mac said...

its a vicious cycle..those whom are poor are denied education and therefore are not given the opportunity for a better living and as a result their children will not be able to get education because they cant afford it. The cycle needs to be broken...that was what DrM had in mind when he introduced the NEP...the people in the video would clearly benefit from such framework. But first thing first, no one should be denied access to electricity and clean water...

the NEM is expected to make malaysia a high income nation...there are two ways in which this can turn out...
1) ALL of us get to raise our standard of livings in small amounts and contributing to the "high-income" statistics
2) some of us get to improve significantly, whilst others stay at the same level if not worsen..the average still results in a high-income nation...

the NEM should be about the first...

Anonymous said...

Mr Yunoos,

You are indeed confused about the role of Perkasa and other NGOs.

This is not part of their job description. Let me make the position clear while I am indeed shocked with your lack of acquaintance with these matters:

1. An NGO needs to form a committee and an EXCO;
2. The committee and President then conduct fund raising;
3. They need to use the NGO platform in order to cultivate VIPs and VVIPs;
4. Once the funds a collected a portion is donated to a welfare home for which a VVIP or his wife is a patron;
5. The balance is used for conferences overseas. Some of the conference venues may (unintendedly) coincide with an international shopping destination eg London or Paris- but this is purely coincidental.
6. The VVIP or a member of his family may accompany them on these conferences- but that is to enable them to better understand these issues so tat they can "change from within".
7. Where possible the proponents of the NGOs will bid for projects using the VVIP relations which projects will be awarded on the basis of merit.

So you see Perkasa's job is to hold press conferences and highlight the issue and not to actually solve it.

Anonymous said...

Having read the comments, it confirms my view of the Malays and Bumiputeras. They cannot stand up as a majority despite all that they have to help themselves. Learn from the minorities. Who have nothing, no billionaires, no Ministers no MBs yet when the need arises they will not let one of their own stand wanting.

It perturbs me that everytime Bumiputeras are in that position- there is nothing more than a hollow cry for more and more government aid. Doesn't your community and the champions of your community want to stand tall... or is that something that is saved for the cameras during high profile convoys to Palestine and Bosnia only!

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Although we have the jungle reservation to live in (and die) but the boundry is constantly being encroached. Before the last general election, the government proposed to establish a botanical park in Perak. We objected because part of our land may be taken. Our area is getting smaller and we have no title to the land.

Sometimes ago a number of children died from unknown causes in Cameron Highlands. The wanton use of chemicals by farmers have contaminated the groundwater and rivers - where our daily lives centred. The health of our people and surroundings are in dire need of rehabilitation. Booze and AIDS have come to our reservation. What has our government caretakers got to say to our predicament? Dia orang tu memang macam tu!

For some of us, the government has built houses fitted with zinc roof. But the roofs are too low and become unbearable during the heat of the day. We still prefer the traditional huts of palas roof even though we have to go deeper into the jungle and be free, at least for a little while more.

For long term sustainability the government could help to improve our living standard by:
1) Demarcate suitable agricultural land and give advise, supplies, guidance and incentives how to grow food and economic crops.
2) Help market our agricultural produce and jungle products.
3) Train us in various trades, skills, and crafts so that we could be more self-reliant and provide us better job opportunities.
4)Improve our health by providing better sanitation, medical services, drinking water, electricity and other amneties.
5) Build playgrounds, courts for sepak takraw, volleyball and such, community halls that also serve to play indoor games.
6) We need land titles for our reservation to secure ourselves legally and assure us security in this “Tanah Tumpah Darah Ku”.