Monday, April 18, 2011

BN wins two thirds but Opposition makes impressive inroads

The recently concluded Sarawak elections appear to be an exception to the "pendulum" pattern that Malaysian voters are known for. If the pendulum pattern was at work, the opposition should have been trashed in this election because in 2008, the voters had swung to the opposition. The fact that DAP garnered almost 80% more seats than before shows that the voters may be showing some sort of stability and considered choice in the voting. This simply means that Barisan Nasional cannot anymore consider any seats as "fixed deposits" anymore. You can view the summary of the results here.

Secondly, there also seems to be an ugly development in Malaysian politics, which I had long suspected will surface - use of religion in elections and political campaigning. If this trend is not addressed by right thinking members of the society, we are charting a dangerous course for our Nation. In fact, I would say that political parties and politicians that abuse and manipulate religious sentiments to win votes should be rejected outright by the people.

Thirdly, I would see this as a further opportunity for BN to reinvent itself and also to identify objectively why it was unable to retain its otherwise "safe seats". My concern is that there will be charlatans within the BN who will once again thump their chests unrealistically to proclaim that "the people are with us" and continue with denial mode. The people want to be listened to.

Fourthly, SNAP's complete defeat in the elections may add further credence to MCLM which publicly broke away from any possible cooperation with them in the recent elections.

Fifthly, PKR's appeal seems to be dimming and I think their lack of performance in the Sarawak State elections are indicative of what they will experience in the coming 13th General Elections if they do not do a complete overhaul and restore democracy within their party. If DAP is able to successfully evolve into a truly multi racial party and project its image as such, it will overtake PKR as the leader party in the Pakatan. PAS, with its unique theological platform using the "Islamic brand" will take a very, very long time to become a truly national party - that too if it can undergo radical changes within.

Peace !

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House PK said...

Yes, especially the la orang cina maki hamun kita pun takpa sebab dia ada hak, melayu kena diam je, betul tak? Sebab tu IMPRESSIVE beb sebab DAP racist hentam melayu melanau siap nak halau mereka keluar dari Sarwak wooo..

No sir, bukan Pembangkang makin kuat tetapi CINA semakin racist...hmmmm