Saturday, April 23, 2011

Book Intro14: A Doctor in the House by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

This is the long awaited memoir by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. 

I had to place an order for it and wait two weeks before I could get a copy. When I got it, I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. It is about 800 pages thick but I managed to finish it in three days.

The book gives Mahathir’s own insight into his childhood, education, growing up both as a young man and a politician and finally his view of Malaysia’s development throughout his 22 years. I suppose it is easier to read when you know how his mind works!

The book is interesting reading because it is written typically Mahathir style – simple to understand and direct to the point. 

As usual, you get the feeling while you are reading the book that it does not matter to him whether you agree or disagree with what he has written. He just wants to state his views as he sees it. I actually like this attitude! For example, he writes “This is the problem with the Americans – they want their defence industry to make money and be commercially successful. So they are eager to sell their arms”. Or describing Anwar as “He appeared to be all things to all people”.

What I found impressive about the book is actually the simple manner in which it is written. He also recounts and analyses various vital events in the Nation’s history without complex language. Keeping in mind that this is the memoir of a former Prime Minster who has served almost 22 years, recounting diverse historical events is not an easy task. He discusses various political and national issues that arose during his premiership in a candid manner, sometimes probably too candid for some.

I find this book important to be read by everyone as it will give an insight into a Malaysian Prime Minister’s mind, particularly one who had undergone major political challenges during his time.

The title of the book is probably apt because he is the first doctor in the House of Commons (Dewan Rakyat) who became a Prime Minister.

It is surely a must read book.

Peace !


Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Wow! 40,000 naskhah buku “A Doctor in the House” dijual dalam sekelip mata. Bermakna koleksi penebit RM400,000 dan @ 10% daripadanya untuk royalti penulis. Lapan tahun Dr Mahathir menulis memoir itu bukan sebab wang tetapi untuk pengajaran, tauladan dan pesanan kapada rakyat dan generasi akan datang. Banyak buku beliau telah tulis. Ada masa ya! Memang tak boleh celen dia dalam banyak perkara lagi..

(Intro to my latest posting "NAK KU KENAL NUSANTARA")

Saudagar Setia Madu Khaula said...

Salam...I had to buy the book 3 times as my friend and brother just "could not" let it go. So "berhantu". Couldn't agree more. Proud to be Malaysian.