Friday, April 15, 2011

Sarawak Elections, Najib, and RPK

Sarawak Elections

To me (and I could be proven wrong), the State of Sarawak will go to Barisan Nasional. It is clear that the Federal Government's 1Malaysia policy has gone down well with the people generally.  This policy fires the imagination of the people and opens up many possibilities for the future towards the evolution of a truly 1Malaysia. As I have written before on this blog, Najib's adherence to the 1Malaysia policy is a political risk for him in UMNO. This is admirable. There has been many efforts done by the Government. (though much more could obviously be done). As the Prime Minister rightly put it, the Government is pushing itself towards the transformation stage. Whatever one may say about the weaknesses of Barisan Nasional (and it has lots!) and UMNO (which needs a serious overhaul!!!), Najib has shown to the people that he is willing to work long hours, walk his talk and push for reforms to be transformed in reality. 

Obviously, Najib practically cannot do much as he is actually a Prime Minister without an "electoral mandate". However, one cannot objectively deny that he has pushed this Government forward and one can judge on the policies that he has put forth. Probably, in theory one can say that he can be truly judged only when he gets a proper mandate though the Sarawak and 13th General Elections. Thus far he seemed to have sailed through various political challenges while pushing though various challenging policies.

In short, it is my view that Najib's 1Malaysia and his engagement style with the people that will deliver Sarawak to Barisan Nasional. And if this happens, the people will be watchng najib more closely to see how 1Malaysia can metamorphose to really benefit Malaysians.

Raja Petra's interview

I really fail to understand the excitement that is being caused by his interview. I have read his blogs before and this interview seems to be consistent with what I have read. He has never accused Najib or Rosmah of being involved in the Altantuya murder. This is very clear from his writings and the interview. It is just the low levels to which politicians can succumb to that has given the impression that Najib and Rosmah are linked to the unfortunate murder of Altantuya. I have always maintained that those who accuse the Prime Minsiter of this country with serious criminal offences such as these should be charged under criminal defamation pursuant to section 499 (500?) of the Penal Code. There has to be a limit in political spinning so that we can have a more civilised political environment.

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Andrew said...


I think you have presented the situatuion objectively. I agree.


jon pour do care said...

Betul tu Bro., enough is enough la ! Takde kerje lain ke ? (Memang pun dia orang tu takde kerje lain !)