Wednesday, May 25, 2011


First time I saw the program over TV8 today.   Since i have always liked dancing (other than law, human psychology, comparative religion, the Quran, music, etc, etc) i was glued to the set. 

I was impressed with the talent these young people have. The show is meant to bring out the best street dance crews into the limelight and also to shed light on the street dance culture. You can read more about the show here.

Young people have lots of adrenalin and energy and i think programs like these give an opportunity for the energies to be positively channelled.  We cannot suppress such energies under dubious “moral exhortations” like some self righteous people are inclined to do.

These dances require lots of training, discipline and determination. Choreography or team work is essential for crew dancing.  

I recall that i too had taken part in a dancing competition when i was in my teens doing the “Saturday night fever” !  After which i had worked as a part time DJ in one of the discos then without my parents knowledge (gila nak bagi tau!). Never smoked and never drank but I think I was a cool DJ !  Some of the patrons and my friends used to call me “Q DJ” because I loved discussing the Quran and God with them during breaks – whenever they tolerate me!!! (The truth is God has made us all multi talented and we can develop multiple healthy personalities if we resist "society's" persistence to box us into certain roles only).

I cannot help but notice that quite a number of the participants in the Showdown 2011 are Malays. I am not surprised since Malays are generally very creative and artistic.  Since there are quite a number of Malay participants, my concerns are two – when will a religious official come with a fatwa banning it? Or when will a self acclaimed Malay champion criticise it on grounds that of “budaya kuning” or “budaya barat”?! Susah jadi Melayu kan? Semua orang nak control, semua orang nak bagi nasihat yang tak dipohon.

As for me, I want to congratulate TV8 for providing this opportunity for the young to showcase their talents. And to the talented young – use your talents to make this world a better place for yourself and everyone else.

Peace and stay cool !

Salam !

p.s. one of my dreams that I could not achieve is to be able to talk about the Quran and God after a powerful dance performance on stage ! But in this country, I probably have to apply for  a permit for both from some stranger I dont even know !!! Ah well..:)


Living Seed said...

wow layan showdown ha??

Jahamy said...

Living seed,

Life is wholesome. Its sad when we limit it!!

jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro.,

Setuju Bro.! Memang susah jadi melayu ! Bukan saja nak kena dengar nasihat yg tak di pohon dari kaum sendiri, yg hak lain pun menyibuk nak bagi nasihat yg tak di pohon kat kita !