Thursday, June 2, 2011

If we do not act now, here, we will continue to be part of the destruction.

Is it any wonder that other than the weather, even human nature is becoming topsy turvy – worse than the primitives?

Just look around you. You will see that at every level of human existence there is destruction, mayhem and cruelty at work.  It has been said many times that the movies that we watch and enjoy are increasingly the violent sort. The more blood and violent it is, we become more entertained. It is as if our sense of morality has completely mutated to that of enjoying witnessing the misery and pain of others.  In fact,  “imaginatively” created violence on the silver screen is praised as art whence the same idea or concept would have been brushed aside as pure sadism many decades ago.

Children are exposed to the most violent games possible at an age as early as 8 years. They are now playing counter strike and the globally popular game called “strike attack”.  The more blood you spill in a gorier manner, the more points your score.  It is an online interactive internet game that is played almost around the clock all over the world.  Everyone seems to think it is merely a game forgetting the psychological imprint that it can have on the player, especially a child of impressionable age. Often you hear the misplaced pride of the parent stating that her child is adept with computers!

The systematic cruelty exacted on animals is not widely exposed nor discussed but it goes on in the name of  science, sports, development and even religion.  The continued abuse and torture of animals – dogs, cats, chimpanzees, etc – in the name of medical experimentation shows the debasement to which human nature has descended to. Anyone who has seen documentaries of such barbaric treatment of animals is left with the shock that human cruelty seems to know no bounds. 

The extinction of animals caused by human insensitivities in carrying out development is yet another story of how humans have mastered the art of destruction of lives with no just cause or necessity. This is the heights of survival even unknown to animals.

In the name of religion too, countless domesticated animals are killed even when it is not necessary as food but merely as fulfilment of some ritual or offering.  The illusion of “godly worship” is more important than the life that God created.

Humans even seem to enjoy taking away lives and spilling blood for sport.

Where we cannot kill directly, we indulge in depriving others the essentials that they require to live – thus giving them slow death.  We shamelessly and selfishly deprive others in the name of race, religion, greed, and any form of distinction that we can conjure up. How more debased can we be?

As i write this, humans are killing humans everywhere in the name of nationalism, religion, racism,   or based on some dubious ideologies. We seem to have completely lost the notion of sanctity of life.  What is most worrisome and frightening is that we use our creative ability and knowledge to invent tools, machines of mass destruction and various forms of weapons to inflict the greatest possible damage to human lives. We would rather spend billions of dollars destroying life rather than nurturing it. 

The food industry itself is another modern testament to the ingenious manner in which we, without the slightest of guilt, extinguish lives, make money from them and even derive sadistic cuisine delight.

It is completely unthinkable to any sane human being how our society has evolved into one that extinguishes lives daily without even feeling any guilt or remorse.

Yet being the mass murderer that we are, we expect “good things” should happen to us – alone.

Is it any wonder then that we will destroy each other soon?

Raperas – think about this !

Peace !


jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro.,

I would sum up the whole issue by saying that this happen when part humankind start to believe that there are SUPERIOR than others and with this feeling, the only general rule would be 'I DO WHAT I LIKE !'

If I can recall the words of AHMAD DEEDAT, he said that 'we are all 'glorified monkeys' ! If GOD had not 'glorified us', we would still be 'monkeys' ! (or something like that !)

Rashid Embong said...


I read your blog regularly and notice that you are always calling for fundamental changes. Your call requires for the people to change themselves. I agree this is the root reform to address many problems but I am sure you know it will take a long time..and many will not even want to change.

People are so used to short term solutions and political solutions. Because of this your reform calls for the human to change will be heard by very few people. But I agree that this call has to be made again and again. All the best to your struggle and please keep writing the way you do (many seem to have sold out their souls!)


Rashid Embong