Monday, October 24, 2011


I am glad I went to the 66th Anniversary celebrations of the United Nations today at the Renaissance Hotel in my capacity as an executive member of the International Movement for  just World (JUST).

Mr Kamal Malhotra, the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Malaysia delivered a good and comprehensive speech. I was touched by the piano performances by  autistic children, one as young as 7 years old who played "We are the world'. These children were trained by a very talented young man, Mr Brian John Yim, who himself delivered an excellent piano piece at the event. These performances by autistic children tends to educate people on autism. I was explaining autism to a few people  who did not know  what it is later because I have some experience dealing with such children.

In the speech by Mr Kamal Malhorta,  he congratulated the Prime Minister of Malaysia for doing away with the emergency proclamations so that "Malaysia can return to the normal operation of the constitutional system". He noted that "Democracr is clearly linked with a set of essential rights, liberties and opportunities must necessarily exist. For democratic proceses to gain ground and be sustained, such rights, freedoms and opportunities must necessarily exist".

 Without a doubt, the United Nations, though it had always suffered various criticisms from diverse groups, continues to give hope to the world that it can unite countries with a common purpose.

The whole world is facing diverse challenges from economics to weather and as the United Nations Secretary General has said, "in these turbulent times, there is only one answer: unity of purpose".

All the UN member countries have to have that sense of unity and the will to face the challenges ahead to make this world a better place.
Peace !

Peace !


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Hello , im William, i was there as well. Its touched during the 2nd performer where he was so nervous and afraid in the stage . This situation is really make me think deeply on the actual situation of an autistic children . Even a normal person cant even play in the stage where they need to perform in the stage to all tan-sri and Dato , really amazed and lastly PEACE .