Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pawns on the Chessboard

Those who wrote about these things never really “succeeded” in the normal worldly sense. They never made the pot of gold which they could, judging by their intelligence and perceptive ability. They were either written of as mad people by the majority or made to be seen as insane by the powerful institution. Either way, it is business as usual for those who fear to b exposed.

Who are these people? Other than “mad” or “insane”, they have been labeled as “poets”, “conspiracy theorists”, “philosophers” or just plain trouble makers.

For example, if I was to tell you that in the capitalistic democratic society, your choices have actually been well pre-planned for you, you will certainly call me a nut case. You will point to many of your own personal experiences where you actually find that you actively make choices. You just went to the supermarket and bought the groceries that you choose. You bought the car that you wanted with the loan from the bank that you chose.  

You even chose the type of house that you wanted win the location that you chose. 

And you will tell me many more of your experiences just to shut me up and prove me wrong – that you actually have choices and that you actively make those choices.

Well, let me ask you this – if you create a maze with only five exits, and then you place two white mice into it.  One of the mice comes out of exit A and the other exit D, would it make any sense for the mice to argue that the each made their own choices which exit to come out from? Possibly, we could grant the mice that. They did make a choice. However, did they have the choice of being in the maze or having to chose only from 5 exits or even the structure of the nature?

NO. I am not talking about divine determination. That is completely another thing. I am talking about the act of determining how you live by a select powerful and very wealthy few.  That your lives are purely accidental and consequential to theirs.  

Let me ask you this and please put the so called market forces argument aside. Did you actually have a say in the supermarket, the roads, the houses, etc, etc that is affecting your lives and your families?

Did you vote that the houses that are being build and at those prices are exactly what you wanted?
I suppose you cannot really confidently say that you thought out or agree to the bank loan system of house ownership and the kind of health care that we have? And the list goes on.

I have not even talked about whether you have a choice over your beliefs.

Sit back and honestly think to your self – how much choice did you exert in shaping the environment that we live in?

Can you even dream of doing that? 

Madness !!!



Anonymous said...

The Pipe Piper leads and rats races...

Mac said...

Steve Jobs once said, people don't know what they want…you have to tell then what they want!” And I agree with him.

Historically, during times when we don't have TVs, no one ever complained about not having a TV. But when the TV was invented and gradually improved with time and with more companies coming on-board to create variety and options whilst bringing the cost down, we now say that we are forced to choose from what little that is available. But if you think about it, we didn't want a TV in the first place. We were told that we should want it.