Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Drag Lim Guan Eng's Son into Politics?

I really do not know whether it is true or not personally. YAB Lim Guan Eng has denied it. The school apparently has denied it too.

I am not really concerned with the truth or otherwise of the allegation here. If it is false, then the allegations are defamatory, evil and highly immoral.

Assuming it it true,  it gives rise to several important issues and reflects upon the political ethics and culture that our country has.

What is the relevance of a 16 year old boy's misadventure with the leader's standing or lack of it? Does it mean that if your children are "bad", you are bad too and that you must have failed as a father or a leader? Admittedly, there are cases where the children's misadventure may reflect on the parent's negligence. However, it is not always the case.
Every reasonable person should know this particularly a Muslim.

The Quran relates histories and events that show that the misadventure of a sibling or a child does not reflect on the parent.

Prophet Abraham was a believer while his father was an idolator (Quran 19:46 to 47). The stark difference in faith did not lead Prophet Abraham to curse or hate his father. Muslims do not judge Abraham by the faith of his father. In fact, Abraham is held up as a good example of a man of faith (Quran 16:120)

Prophet Noah embarked on to the Ark but his son did not believe him and had refused to heed his command. (Quran: surah 11 verses 42 to 43). Do we judge Noah as a weak prophet because he was unable to convince his own son? Therein is a lesson for those who have total faith in Allah and serve Allah only (not political interests).

Prophet Lut is held up in high esteem by the Muslims and Allah relates of what happened to his wife who was among the disbelievers. Allah did not save her from the calamity that befell Lut's people (Quran  11:81). No Muslim will ever judge Lut by his wife's disbelief.

The Quran liberates the human mind from such evil traps of judging one individual by the act of another.  However, when we serve gods like politics other than Allah, we fall into such traps too. The Satan whispers and fitnah (defamation) becomes alluring.

Let us leave the 16 year old boy alone.

Lets salvage politics from the sewerage it has gone into.



Anonymous said...

Its not about the boy, its about the RM200K involved if its true.

thinavanp said...

Politicians are aware that the grass-roots and the multitudes who do not think make the majority in the electorate list as such stories like this is assumed to work to swing the voters? Your example of Lot and Abraham,my God bless them always, clearly explains that the action of a child rarely affects the parent or vice versa.

jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro,

Klu anak kita buat dan di hukum melalui process undang2 yg sedia ada, itu kebenaran, akan tetapi, klu betul anak kita buat dan kita 'senyapkan' dgn duit, itu kepalsuan ! As simple as that !

jon pour do care said...

Salam Bro,

On another note, klu anak kita tak buat dan di 'tuduh' melakukan nya, kita report polis. Pastu, jika di dapati tidak benar, kita saman sama dia, million, million ! (elok gak tu, leh buat duit skets !)

Sulaiman said...

As always I have enjoyed reading your blog. I like the fact that you always side the facts and principles. I am sure you being principled must have caused you problems from all sides as people always want to belong to only ONE side!

keep up your ideals.