Saturday, March 15, 2014

DO not lose focus like MH 370

There is always the real possibility that after a while, people will lose focus on what the real issues are in the MH 370 episode. It is very easy to let emotions be manipulated so that the people will forget the real issues.

Should not the real issues be:

1) What really happened and how it could be allowed to happen? And why it happened ?

2) Should there not be total transparency on the part of authorities  to the People?

3) Are the families of the passengers being taken care of as well as is possible to go through the trauma ?

To me these are the real issues and the rest is circus.

Peace !

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Anonymous said...

It has been often said that Anwar Ibrahim is one who plays to the gallery. I watched his press conference and his statements in Parliament. This was blatant politicking while the Government and families fight against the odds to keep hopes alive and to save life’s and the futures of families.

A few points caught my attention:

1. He was unduly critical of the Government in relation to the conduct of the Bomoh Groups. He referred to a weak central command and questioned how such persons gained access to the airport. He ridiculed he Government for allowing this and made numerous insinuations that this was symptomatic of weak government;

2. He was highly critical of the competence of the various agencies. Terming their actions as lackadaisical and made sweeping reference to statements made at different points of time calling them inconsistent.

3. He referred to 100s of alleged emails he received from overseas asking “Anwar what is happening to your country” (in relation to the bomohs) and that he told them “please ask the PM and his wife” he then chuckled and drew a curious distinction saying he didn’t “kata” but only ”tanya”.

When I looked at his demeanor as the actor in him aged. He tried hard to maintain a stern demeanor at the press conference (at least in the Malaysiakini version), took swipes at Utusan and TV3. It reminded me of his showman ship during the 1997 crisis. I recall how he would hold court with Time and the international media and insinuate between the collapsing economy and the practices of the existing Government. While hiding the fact that he was choking the economy with high interest and killing away credit. The chock was removed when he was removed.

Now let’s come back to realities:

1. The Government can stop all Press Conferences and only relay what has been proven as fact and stop all other disclosures. But that would hurt so many people who live daily on hope.

When Press Conferences are held, the messages contain fact that has been verified and leads that are pending verification. It would not be responsible for leads to be held back. There is nothing wrong in saying that there is a blib on the satellite/ radar images. It may be MH370. But one cannot yet confirm that it is so. Such was the view of all countries involved. It is when this was indeed verified that searches shifted their focus.

2. Now Anwar and his wife should not be too forgetful. When they had a simple task of finding an Omega watch, none could come forth with a candid response.

Anwar did his spin. Azizah had to be rescued with the acumen of Khalid and the giggle of Nurul – none of whom had a specific response.

What did he "kata" when he was "tanyaed" then??

3. China’s Media has been critical- how consistent or transparent has China been on organ doners, death sentences, alleged confessions, its handling of Tibet and monitories.

If the situation was anything other than confusing the plane would be found. The reality today is that no nation has asked the Malaysian Government to stand aside and to allow it take over. China can issue such an invitation- it has not. It must understandably engage in this domestic consumption news exercise- but let us not allow fiction and perception overtake fact.