Friday, March 28, 2014

MH 370 : Will the Wall of Hope and Care Turn to A Real Ladder of Assistance ????

Now that news have come out that there is almost no hope of finding the passengers of MH 370, reality will sink in for the families of the passengers.

The reality is:

a) For those who have children, families or parents to take care of - where is the money going to come from to live?

b) How are these dependants going to get into the bank accounts and properties of the passengers so that they can continue living -there will be alot of bureaucratic hurdles which will make their life difficult  - no wall of hope, prayers and cards can alleviate it except real practical assistance to remove these hurdles !

To me, now comes the real test of compassion, care and assistance - will those who can help assist these victims to put their life back on track?

Will the respective governments, civil servants, insurance companies and MAS itself do what it should to ease the process for the families of the passengers on MH370?

Will all those who wrote on the "walls of hope", prayed in masses and sent flowers now make another mass plea and pressure those concerned - to ensure that the families of the passengers of MH 370 can get back on track with the least bureaucracy possible? it can be done.

Otherwise, I will be convinced that all those prayers and walls of hope are mostly nothing more than mere hype to make oneself feel that one has "cared" .

If I am one of the families of the passengers, I want help to get back on track, not some scribblings on the wall and some mantras.

Peace !

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