Friday, March 14, 2014

MH 370 - Occasion for renewed Humanity ???

Most certainly it was a shocker to me when news broke that MH370 just disappeared off the radar screen.
How is it possible for such a huge machine to just disappear?  Ever since then there has been many theories, search and rescue operations are still on and organised prayers of all sorts.

Personally, though hopeful, I will find it highly improbable that the plane will be found in tact.  If intact, it would have been found already.

My prayers are that whatever the experiences of the passengers, God is merciful to them in all ways possible. To the relatives of the passengers, I pray that God gives them the strength, the faith and patience to go through these difficult times. I also pray that they are gifted with relatives and friends who can comfort and console them. I cannot do more for them.  

What really bothers me is that while I am sure there are many sincere people praying sincerely, many others are turning this prayer thing into a major circus and PR exercise. If one of my relatives were on board, I would be more hurt than happy to see the circus.

 I have often wondered if it is really a sense of humanity that brings people together when there are calamities and disasters or is it simply herd survival instincts taking place. People who are humane remain humane at all times - happy and sad moments.

For the very people who know the passengers, it is real. They feel for them and their families. I am referring generally to the frenzy that seem to have overtaken the country - what ? They really care for the fate of the passengers? I doubt.

I know I am saying things people may not want to hear or may sound morbid.

I know that the frenzy will soon die down and it will be business as usual for everyone except for those who are directly related to the passengers.

As far as MH 370's disappearance goes, I think people just want to know what and how it happened. They simply want their curiousity satisfied and they want to know who to blame. They also want an occasion to have a "party of caring" and for those with vested interest it is an opportunity to achieve whatever base objectives they have. Vultures are a fact of life.

I am sorry, I am not convinced that many care.

If people really cared how different is the daily starving, dying children all over the world???

If people really cared in this country, how caring are us to the children and old persons not from our ethnic origin? How caring have we been to those from different faiths from us?

How caring are us to the fate and struggles of the immigrants amidst us?

It seems to be just facade after facade that many engage in. I simply refuse to be part of this facade. I just want to know what exactly happened with the hope that a) this can be prevented in the future b) to book in the culprits, if any and c) to understand manipulative behaviours, if any.

I would rather turn this MH 370 episode to remind each of us alive in Malaysia how fragile and temporary this life is and that we must start now to take care of each other. I would rather this be a message of renewed love and sharingness between remind ourselves to sprinkle some of that love and sharing to the unfortunate immigrants in our midst. This is the kind of prayer that I want to see - a prayer that can be translated to reality with our hearts and with our actions. But alas, we are stuck in symbolism.

We have a real chance to be together and to be humane now. There is no need to wait for a disaster or a calamity before we learn that God intended us to share and care.

Peace !


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

For those on board and their families and beloved ones a horrific disaster. For the rest of us the opportunity and chance to appreciate and truly treasure live and to renew our focus on our immediate surroundings! It must be more than two weeks of breaking news!

Unknown said...

For those on board and their families and beloved ones a horrific disaster. For the rest of us the chance and opportunity think about our lives and to appreciate and treasure it even more. A chance to look around and see what we can do in our own small world to help and care. It must be more than just two weeks of breaking news!

Anonymous said...

Tolomg bawa tin milo yang berisi air kepada lembu2 Parti Angguk Saja, mungkin mereka boleh beritahu dimana Mh370 tu berada@@@Takebeer!!!