Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OnThe ROLL2: King Of Spades

Have you seen a deck of cards? There are 4 Kings in it - the spade, the heart, the diamonds and the club. King means supreme. There can only be one King. If there are 4 Kings, there will be a struggle among them to be THE King. Alternatively, the spade, the diamond, the club and the hearts must agree among them who shall be THE King.

But a deck of cards have 4 Kings. And we know none have agreed who should rule supreme. If it is a game of poker, the one who wins is the one who calls the best bluff.

But what if it is not a bluff and the cards are all on the table? You can see it but your mind insists it is a bluff.

Hence the phrase....fall like a deck of cards.

Is it too late to put the cards back into the box?

Only if you are willing.


Anonymous said...

i guess its a bluff because the ace is the trump card not the king?

at least in poker la but maybe not politics


Anonymous said...

I had a dream last night.

it was a conversation bewteen ahmad ismail and pak lah. around end of august after anwar won the by election.

Pak lah: how loyal ismail are you to the party and UMNO?

Ismail: very loyal boss, very, arent we all in the same boat, more and truly loyal to the melayus.

Pak Lah: what sacrifices will you make for the party and the race? since we also made you rich and powerful now?

Ismail: anything boss, just ask anything, its time to contribute back to the longevity and prosperity of the party and our race.

Pak lah: you mean anything at all? because we are in deep trouble now, UMNO and BN is looking at extinction pretty soon. so you will sacrifice anything? and what i am about to ask you to do will show the ultimate loyalty you have to the party.

Ismail: yes yes yes boss i am here to serve.

Pak Lak: ok listen to me carefully. 2 to 3 weeks from now, i want you to start making racial statements about the chinese, indians and other non bumis of this country. you can call them immigrants, free loaders, what ever. you can also attack the non malay BN component party leaders, the more racial the better.

Ismail: ah...ok boss, why ah like that if i may ask?

Pak Lak: aiyoh we are in trouble now, BN and UMNO, we need to begin inciting hatred bewteen the races now. we need to bring the level of hatred to a frenzy. especially the chinese.

Ismail: ok..boss i think i can do it, just shout a few pendatangs words in a ceramah, tear off the photos of some component party leader, should incite hatred already boss.

Pak Lah: ok very good you understand exactly what i want. now i am going to ask for your ultimate sacrifice, are you ready?

Ismail: i am listening boss, tell me how i can serve you.

Pak Lak: you now need to be the sacrificial lamb for UMNO and BN, we will need to assissnate you and make it look like it was racially motivated and the killing was done by the chinese. when that happen, the shit will really hit the fan. there should be racial riots and BN need to impose martial law. we can then neutralise anwar and continue to be in power without having an election.

Ismail: aiyoh boss, you never said to give my life.......

Then i woke up, oh but it was all a dream mah...


jabar said...


I cannot help but notice that you actually dropped your puteras!!!

Talk about consistency and change. The politicians should follow your example.

Anonymous said...

Mr Jabar,

since your mr ibumubarak pointed out that I longed to be among the puteras, i thought i should stand corrected , and just be bulan.