Monday, September 1, 2008

Selamat Berpuasa

Ah yes. The holy month has arrived. For those who do not know, today is the first day of the fasting month.

The hotels in Kuala Lumpur will have increased business for “fast breaking” because there will be many people organizing “buka puasa” sessions. Since I like kuihs very much, I can get a steady supply from the pasar petang that invariably mushrooms during this month.

This is a good month for networking and of course politicking under disguise. After all, who would dare to accuse anyone of politicking if you get invited to their buka puasa and by the by, he speaks about perjuangan.

I like the fasting month. Everyone suddenly looks very solemn. They are more patient, less in a hurry, time to reflect on the afterlife. So, one should not complain if the events of herelife is put on hold until two more months.

I suppose since the fasting month is a holy month and most of the civil service are those who fast, we will be able to expect greater productivity from them. Work is ibadat is it not? What better month to increase ibadat, ie productivity than the holy month? So, Rakyat, this is the best month to go and sort out your matters with the Government department which has been pending since last fasting month.

If they do not cooperate, remind them that this is the holy month. They will be grateful to you. “Kita hendaklah saling ingat mengingati”, they often say. You may also want to remind those who fast in the civil service that they can collect more pahala by being diligent and productive.

I like the fasting month. You can expect corruption to be at zero level. I mean would you dare to be corrupt in the holy month? In any case, I was often told that during this month all the devils are in prison. Chained away.

For those who cannot fast for “legitimate” reasons, please eat at home. If you eat in public, it is a state offence and you can be hauled up by the vigilant religious agencies who will be faithfully doing their duty for God. Their salary is merely a by-product.

Also, if you eat in public, you are not respecting those who fast. Those who fast must be respected, so you have to respect that need for respect unless you are inherently disrespectful.

Eating in public is worse than corruption and for that you will be immediately and severely dealt with. It is disrespectful. So if you cannot fast, eat at home and in public pretend you are fasting. In this way, those who fast will be respected.

I know that you know God knows you are not fasting but that’s a different matter. The authorities must not know. They have a duty to safe guard the religion and uphold the law.

So, friends, selamat berpuasa!

May God give us the wisdom to differentiate between form and substance.

Enjoy Raihan:


Anonymous said...

ah bulan puasa has come. to the muslims its a period of self sacrifice, rejuvination, self awareness and cleansing.

to the non muslims of this country, malaysia is shut down for 1 month. you want to get anything done, you ask a melayu, he will look at you like your mad, like he is not earning a salary and to do what he is suppose to do, and the look is like i already dont like working when its not puasa, when puasa time you dare to ask me to work?? you must be mad!

is this what the religion teaches? i have no clue as i am not muslim.

when you invite a muslim to your house for a meal, you must be very careful of what you serve, no pork, no alcohol (even though some of friends love to consume, but if they come with their wifes, woi, cannot la), chicken have to sembileh, and other things.

when muslims invite other races and religioin to their houses for a meal, the first thing i see is beef. what the F..? i am a buddhist and i dont eat beef, so why cant the muslims extent the same courtesy to the non muslims. are they higher than the non muslims? does their god teach them this? i am not too sure. maybe they think their god is the president and my god is only the vice president, so the president over rides the vice president??

and when you ask them i cannot eat beef, they say aiyah dont be so fussy la. can i say the same thing to a muslim about pork? i guess all the keris will come out if that happens and all the blood etc etc..

the other day on a friday i was driving along the taman tun road where the mosque was situated. their were already a lot of cars park on the road on both sides and the occupants i guess were in the mosque praying or whatever they do in the mosque. traffic was very very slow and i was following a 4 wheel drive i think toyota, he stopped in front and i thought there was more traffic in front of him, there was already a long que behind me and everybody was honing from behind. cooly after 5 minutes, the guy in front parks his car there, double park actually got down look at me like what the fuck this is friday, i am melayu, i am going to the mosque, you are a not melayu and walked off.

10 cars behind me had to reverse so that we could go round this double parked car to pass.

is that what muslims do? are all muslims like that, here in malaysia and all over the world?

if a chinese or indian parked there, there will be tow trucks, police summon and whatever.

so on fridays, if a muslim ride a motorcycle to the mosque without a helmet, the police dont ticket him, is there a window where the law laspe for 2 1/2 hours so that the muslims can do that?

maybe their god will protect their head in the event of an accident, but only on fridays between 12.30 to 2pm and only if you are going to the mosque?

what about muslims who dont puasa and hide between the restaurants and eat, hopefully the authorities dont see? are the muslims hiding from the imam or from god? if they are hiding from the imam, then is this muslim more afraid of the malaysian government more than his or her god?

what about their khalwat thing that they so often get caught with?

so what sort of impression do these muslims or so called muslims give to the non muslims? and on top of that they want to preach religion to the non muslims? they want to implement an islamic state? for whom and what will they achieve? they will go to heaven and their god will give them their 100 virgins to screw? is that the whole life cycle of being on this earth and dying all about?

i dont know, all i know is i eat pork quitely, drink alcohol (but sometimes not quitely), i dont impose my idealogy or rules to anybody, i do whatever i want as long as my actions does not detrimentally affect anybody else, my conscience is then left with me and my god, and i dont think anybody can tell me what to do and when to do it.

Nothing is difficult for my god - but people make things difficult for themselves. Therefore, be of one mind and of single purpose about a thing. And dont take your mind off of it until you have produced it in reality. This is what is meant by being single-minded.

Bulan of puteras

Anonymous said...

Err the fasting month has arrived.
Err . . this is also the month where you cannot have sex in the daytime. You must listen carefully to the TV and radio at sunset. When they give the signal, then only you can have sex. You can then have sex until before sunrise next day. Its like in the Vampire movies. When the sun comes up, the Vampires have to run and hide or the sunlight will just burn them.

The unlicensed pasar petang that invariably mushrooms during this month are a source of lucrative revenue for the enforcement officers who turn the other way.

Yes the events of herelife is put on hold until two more months. In the Emirates, they sleep during the whole day, wake up at nite and go about as though it is day. They dont work for the month and also miss the point of fasting.

Work is ibadat but some ibadat may be bigger than others. Is it not?

Fasting does not really increase productivity but it is a bigger ibadat. So come back again next month. Better still the month after.

During this month all the devils are in hunger.

If you eat in public, you are not respecting those who fast, unless you are a non Muslim. Those who fast must be respected by Muslims only. So non Muslims cannot be inherently disrespectful.

Yes I know God knows when I am not fasting. God has given me the wisdom to differentiate between form and substance.